AltStore: New EU App Store with Patreon-Supported Apps

Elena Böhm
1 min read

Riley Testut's AltStore, a platform for installing apps on iPhone without using the official App Store, has introduced a novel way of supporting apps through Patreon, a popular crowdfunding platform. This development, facilitated by the latest version of iOS 17, allows developers to offer subscriptions to their apps outside of the traditional App Store model, avoiding Apple's cut of the proceeds.

AltStore's custom Patreon integration enables developers to directly market their apps to consumers, offering a new business model for iPhone app development. This model supports monetization through regular monthly or yearly subscriptions for a variety of content, including software. Testut's AltStore is launching with two apps, Delta and Clip, both of which require a Patreon pledge for access, including early access to beta versions for a higher pledge.

This Patreon integration addresses key challenges in app monetization and developer revenue, offering a potential solution to the difficulties of successful monetization and upfront revenue generation. It promises developers a direct and personal relationship with their users, with the ability to offer exclusive features and content through Patreon's tier system. This model also provides a buffer against Apple's Core Technology Fee for developers.

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