Amazon to Close Warehouse in Tukwila, Impacting 172 Employees

Amazon to Close Warehouse in Tukwila, Impacting 172 Employees

Igor Petrovich
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Amazon to Close Warehouse in Tukwila, Impacting 172 Employees

Amazon has announced the closure of its Tukwila, Washington warehouse, affecting 172 employees. The company, known for its extensive workforce of 75,000 in the Seattle region and 1.52 million globally, will provide the impacted employees with options to transfer to nearby facilities or receive support if they choose to depart from Amazon. This decision aligns with Amazon's strategy to streamline its network by shutting down older sites and enhancing existing ones.

The company's recent focus on accelerating delivery speeds has led to new Prime delivery speed records in the first quarter of this year, achieved through the introduction of regional fulfillment centers. Amazon's strategic shift involves the division of the country into smaller, more manageable regions, with plans to double the number of its smaller Same-Day Delivery facilities in the coming years.

Key Takeaways

  • Amazon's closure of the Tukwila warehouse affects 172 employees, offering them transfer options or support.
  • The global workforce of Amazon has seen a 4% increase due to warehouse operations.
  • Amazon achieved new Prime delivery speed records using regional fulfillment centers.
  • The company plans to expand its Same-Day Delivery facilities in the near future.


Amazon's decision to close the Tukwila warehouse underscores its strategic shift towards regional fulfillment centers, ultimately boosting delivery efficiency. This move not only impacts employees in Tukwila but also reflects a broader trend in logistics network optimization. While employees face short-term transition challenges, Amazon's streamlining efforts could set new industry standards and influence regional economic development, potentially reshaping competitors' strategies.

Did You Know?

  • Regional Fulfillment Centers: Amazon strategically places these warehouses to serve specific geographic regions, facilitating reduced delivery times and improved efficiency by storing goods closer to the end consumer.
  • Same-Day Delivery Facilities: These specialized centers rapidly process and dispatch orders, offering a competitive advantage that strengthens customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing extremely fast delivery options.
  • Prime Delivery Speed Records: These records signify Amazon's continuous improvement in logistics and supply chain management to meet the high expectations of its Prime subscribers, offering benefits such as free two-day, one-day, or even same-day shipping on eligible items, among other perks.

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