Amazon to Expand Reach in India with MX Player Acquisition

Amazon to Expand Reach in India with MX Player Acquisition

Sarita Patel
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Amazon Acquires Key Assets of Indian Video Streaming Service MX Player

Amazon has finalized a deal to acquire key assets of MX Player, an Indian video streaming service, from Times Internet in a strategic move to expand its presence in smaller Indian cities and towns. This acquisition, valued at less than $100 million, involves Amazon taking over specific assets rather than the entire company, with several top executives transitioning to Amazon post-deal. The acquisition follows extensive discussions between Amazon and Times Internet, as the latter has been divesting its digital properties. Amazon sees MX Player as a crucial partner to enhance the popularity and trustworthiness of its e-commerce platform among non-urban Indian audiences, leveraging MX Player's robust presence in these areas. This aligns with Amazon's broader strategy to diversify its video streaming offerings in India, where it already offers a low-cost Prime subscription and has partnerships with local telecom operators.

Key Takeaways

  • Amazon acquires key assets of MX Player for less than $100 million, far below its last valuation of $500 million.
  • MX Player's top executives will transition to Amazon post-acquisition, enhancing Amazon's local presence.
  • Amazon aims to leverage MX Player's popularity in smaller Indian cities to boost its e-commerce platform's reach.
  • MX Player, originally a video playback app, expanded into a comprehensive streaming platform with diverse content.
  • Amazon plans to retain MX Player's branding, integrating it into their broader video streaming strategy in India.


Amazon's acquisition of MX Player's key assets underscores its strategic focus on expanding e-commerce and streaming services in India's non-urban markets. This move, valuing MX Player at a fraction of its previous worth, reflects a savvy investment by Amazon to tap into MX Player's established user base and local expertise. The transition of MX Player's executives to Amazon will enhance operational synergy and local market understanding, crucial for navigating India's diverse consumer landscape. Short-term, this could lead to increased market share for Amazon in these regions, while long-term, it positions Amazon to dominate the evolving digital consumption patterns in India, potentially reshaping the competitive dynamics of the Indian streaming and e-commerce sectors.

Did You Know?

  • MX Player: Originally a video playback app, MX Player evolved into a comprehensive streaming platform offering a wide range of content, including movies, TV shows, and original series. It is particularly popular in smaller Indian cities and towns, making it a strategic acquisition for Amazon to enhance its reach in these markets.
  • Times Internet: A subsidiary of The Times Group, India's largest media conglomerate. Times Internet has been actively involved in digital ventures, including news, sports, music, and video streaming services. The divestment of MX Player to Amazon is part of its strategy to streamline its digital properties and focus on other core areas.
  • Low-cost Prime subscription in India: Amazon offers a tailored Prime subscription in India at a significantly lower cost compared to other markets. This subscription not only includes access to Amazon's video streaming service but also benefits like free and fast shipping, early access to deals, and more. This model is designed to attract and retain customers in a price-sensitive market like India.

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