Amazon Web Services Announces Job Cuts in Sales and Technology Divisions

Kazuki Yamamoto
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What Happened:

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is cutting several hundred jobs in its Sales, Marketing, and Global Services organization, as well as in its Physical Stores Technology team. The company stated that the cuts are part of a strategic shift and an effort to streamline operations.

Key Takeaways:

  • AWS will cut hundreds of jobs in its Sales, Marketing, and Global Services organization, primarily in training and certification, and sales operations.
  • The company is also reducing staff in its Physical Stores Technology team, following reports of a shift in technology in Amazon Fresh grocery stores.
  • Despite the layoffs, AWS will continue to hire and grow in other parts of its business.
  • The job cuts are expected to have a significant impact on the company's Seattle workforce.
  • Large tech companies, including AWS, have been making job cuts over the past year to focus their businesses and reduce operating costs.


The job cuts at AWS reflect the company's focus on aligning its strategy and priorities, reducing duplication, and increasing efficiency. It also suggests a broader trend among tech companies to adapt to changing market conditions and customer demands.

Do You Know?

  • Just Walk Out Technology: This refers to the cashier-less technology used in Amazon's larger Amazon Fresh grocery stores, which the company is reportedly shifting away from.

  • Synergy Research Group: A research firm that reported Amazon's cloud infrastructure market share dipped to 31% in the fourth quarter, with Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud experiencing faster growth rates.

  • Cloud Infrastructure Services Market: Total enterprise spending on cloud infrastructure services is approaching $74 billion in the quarter, with demand for AI services driving overall cloud spending by large companies.

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