Anthropic AI Releases iOS App Claude and Introduces New Team Plan

Anthropic AI Releases iOS App Claude and Introduces New Team Plan

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Anthropic Launches Claude iOS App and New Team Plan for Businesses

Anthropic, a leading AI startup with backing from industry giants Amazon and Google, has unveiled the release of its iOS app, Claude, along with a new Team plan tailored for businesses. The free-to-download app, currently accessible on and cloud services, delivers a seamless chat experience equipped with features such as synchronized chat history and photo support. Simultaneously, the Team plan, set at a cost of $30 per seat per month, grants businesses entry to Claude models, with a requirement of at least five seats. This roll-out follows Anthropic's introduction of the Pro plan in September, coupled with projections of surpassing $850 million in yearly revenue by the conclusion of 2024. Amazon's recent infusion of $2.75 billion into Anthropic, propelling its overall investment to $4 billion, has secured the tech giant a minority stake in the company, which was most recently valued at $18.4 billion.

Key Takeaways

  • Anthropic, a generative AI startup, introduces an iOS app and a novel tier aimed at catering to enterprises
  • The Claude iOS app provides a comparable experience to its mobile web version and is accessible for free
  • Anthropic's Team plan for enterprises offers access to Claude models at $30 per seat per month
  • Anthropic is projected to achieve an annual revenue run rate exceeding $850 million by the culmination of 2024
  • Amazon's $4 billion investment in Anthropic results in the acquisition of a minority stake, albeit without a board seat


The debut of Anthropic's "Claude" iOS app and its Team plan tailored for businesses marks a remarkable advancement within the generative AI sector. Amazon's substantial $4 billion investment, contributing to an overall valuation of $18.4 billion and acquiring a minority stake, underscores the tech behemoth's confidence in Anthropic's development, potentially influencing the realm of AI and cloud market competition.

For Anthropic, these initiatives are devised to amplify accessibility and commercialization, targeting over $850 million in annual revenue by 2024. The complimentary app and economical Team plan have the potential to disrupt competitors and impact their strategies related to user engagement and revenue. Other AI-focused companies such as OpenAI could encounter reverberations, as Anthropic's expanded offerings propel it toward establishing dominance within the industry.

Did You Know?

  • Anthropic: A generative AI startup that has recently garnered significant attention, accredited to its advanced AI technology and backing from illustrious investors including Amazon and Google. Anthropic is valued at $18.4 billion and is anticipated to surpass $850 million in annual revenue by the culmination of 2024.
  • Claude: Anthropic's iOS app, a complimentary application that delivers a seamless chat experience with features such as synchronized chat history and photo support. Claude is designed to offer an accessible and user-friendly manifestation of Anthropic's AI capabilities on iOS devices.
  • Team plan: Anthropic's recently launched subscription-based service tailored for enterprises, offering access to Claude models at $30 per seat per month, with a minimum requirement of five seats. The Team plan empowers businesses to harness Anthropic's AI technology to address their specific requirements and use cases.

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