Apple to Unveil Apple Intelligence at WWDC 2024

Apple to Unveil Apple Intelligence at WWDC 2024

Kazuki Tanaka
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Apple to Release Apple Intelligence AI System at WWDC 2024

Apple is gearing up to showcase its new AI system, Apple Intelligence, at the upcoming WWDC 2024. This cutting-edge technology will be integrated across iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices, promising a range of enhanced features. The AI system, going beyond media generation, will introduce capabilities such as summarizations, reply suggestions, and an upgraded Siri, aiming to revolutionize user interaction and market dynamics. Moreover, Apple's emphasis on local task processing, using M2 chips with Secure Enclaves, reflects its commitment to privacy and security. The optional nature of these features and specific device requirements may impact user adoption and industry standards, influencing the future of consumer tech.

Key Takeaways

  • Apple is set to unveil AI system, "Apple Intelligence," at WWDC 2024, integrating it across iPhone, iPad, and Mac.
  • New AI features include summarizations, reply suggestions, enhanced Siri control, and broader app appeal.
  • Apple Intelligence will utilize a combination of proprietary technology and OpenAI tools, processing tasks on-device or via cloud.
  • Security measures encompass no user data profiling and the provision of transparency reports on data usage and privacy.
  • Device requirements for AI features are M1 chip or later for iPad/Mac and iPhone 15 Pro or newer for mobile.


Apple's introduction of Apple Intelligence at WWDC 2024 has the potential to reshape user interaction and market dynamics. The emphasis on enhancing existing features positions Apple as a formidable player in the AI arena, setting it apart from competitors like Google and Microsoft. The strategic decision to leverage M2 chips for local task processing enhances security and privacy, serving as a pioneering move in today's digital landscape. Furthermore, Apple's commitment to transparency and optional nature of the AI features might lead to a shift in user expectations and industry standards.

Did You Know?

  • M2 Chips with Secure Enclaves: The latest generation of Apple's proprietary system on a chip (SoC) designed for Mac computers and iPads, the M2 chips integrate various components into a single chip, enhancing performance and efficiency. Secure Enclaves ensure the security of sensitive data like biometric information and cryptographic keys, safeguarding them from unauthorized access or tampering.
  • OpenAI Tools: Developed by OpenAI, such tools include GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) models, which bolster Apple Intelligence's capabilities in natural language processing and understanding.
  • Transparency Reports on Data Usage and Privacy: Through these reports, Apple provides clear insights into how user data is handled, used, and protected, showcasing a strong commitment to data privacy.

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