Apple Unveils Redesigned Fitness Plus Layout at WWDC 2024

Apple Unveils Redesigned Fitness Plus Layout at WWDC 2024

Lena Rossi
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Apple Unveils Redesigned Fitness Plus Layout

Apple has revealed a revamped Fitness Plus interface at WWDC 2024, available on tvOS, iOS, and iPadOS, to simplify the process of discovering workouts from a vast library. The new layout includes sections like "For You," "Explore," "Library," and "Search," tailored to users' past workout preferences, offering themed content and new workout types. Additionally, Apple introduced the "Tap to Cash" feature, enabling quick cash transfers between iPhones and enhancing the Apple Pay experience. The tvOS update also includes new screen savers, enhanced dialogue clarity, and an InSight mode similar to Amazon Prime Video’s X-Ray functionality.

Key Takeaways

  • The redesigned Fitness Plus layout aims to streamline workout discovery across various Apple devices.
  • The introduction of new categories aims to enhance user experiences and attract new subscribers.
  • The "Tap to Cash" feature could potentially challenge existing peer-to-peer payment services, offering a more convenient alternative for iPhone users.
  • Updates to tvOS, including enhanced dialogue clarity and InSight mode, improve the overall viewing experience and interactivity.


Apple's strategic shift towards enhancing user engagement and convenience through the Fitness Plus redesign and the introduction of "Tap to Cash" could significantly impact the competitive landscape. These innovations aim to bolster subscriber retention and attract new users, affecting competitors such as Peloton and Nike. Furthermore, the advancement of Apple Pay as a peer-to-peer payment platform may alter the consumer payment landscape, potentially increasing customer loyalty. However, regulatory scrutiny over financial services remains a potential challenge for Apple.

Did You Know?

  • Tap to Cash: This feature facilitates instantaneous cash transfers between iPhones, leveraging Apple Pay's infrastructure to compete with existing peer-to-peer payment services.
  • InSight mode on tvOS: Similar to Amazon Prime Video’s X-Ray feature, this provides real-time information about the content being watched, enhancing the viewing experience.
  • Enhanced dialogue clarity on tvOS: Improving the intelligibility of dialogue in TV shows and movies, this feature enhances the overall viewing experience, especially in complex soundscapes.

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