Apple's Phil Schiller Joins OpenAI Board

Apple's Phil Schiller Joins OpenAI Board

Luisa Moreira
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Apple's Strategic Move: Securing an Observer Role on OpenAI's Board

Apple has solidified its connection with the AI startup, OpenAI, by appointing its App Store head, Phil Schiller, in an observer role on the OpenAI board. This partnership follows Apple's recent announcement to incorporate ChatGPT into its iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices. Schiller, who previously held the role of Apple's marketing chief, will actively participate in board meetings but will not possess voting rights or other directorial powers. This collaboration places Apple in alignment with Microsoft, a leading supporter and technology provider for OpenAI.

Key Takeaways

  • Apple gains observer role on OpenAI board with Phil Schiller.
  • OpenAI partnership includes ChatGPT on Apple devices.
  • Apple's AI strategy includes in-house features and OpenAI integration.
  • No financial arrangement; OpenAI gains user access, Apple gets chatbot feature.
  • Apple discusses additional chatbot options with other tech firms.


Apple's strategic move with OpenAI not only enhances its AI capabilities but also reflects broader industry trends. Through Schiller's observer role, Apple gains crucial insights into AI advancements, particularly as it integrates ChatGPT into its ecosystem. The partnership, devoid of financial implications, expands OpenAI's reach to Apple's extensive user base. Although potential conflicts with Microsoft may arise, short-term gains in AI offerings and long-term competitive positioning in the AI market make this collaboration influential for Apple and its users.

Did You Know?

  • Observer Role on a Board:
    • An observer role allows a representative to attend meetings and gain insights into decision-making processes without wielding voting rights or other directorial powers, fostering closer relationships between partnering entities.
  • ChatGPT Integration:
    • ChatGPT, an advanced AI-powered chatbot, will enhance the user experience on Apple devices by providing sophisticated conversational AI directly.
  • Apple Intelligence:
    • This refers to Apple's strategic initiative to develop and integrate advanced AI features into its products, encompassing both partnerships and potential in-house developments for enhanced user services.

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