Apple's Rumored HomeAccessory17,1: A Smart Speaker with Display

Apple's Rumored HomeAccessory17,1: A Smart Speaker with Display

Lucia Martinez
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Apple Rumored to Unveil HomePod with Built-in Display

Apple's long-speculated smart speaker with an integrated display may finally see the light of day, based on recent leaks from MacRumors. The leak hints at Apple working on a new home accessory, known by the code name 'HomeAccessory17,1', potentially venturing into a novel product category for the tech giant. The anticipated device is rumored to merge attributes of a HomePod-style speaker with a customizable touchscreen, marking a departure from Apple's previous offerings.

Reportedly, the code uncovered by MacRumors indicates the likelihood of the new accessory being powered by the A18 chip, the same series projected for the upcoming iPhone 16. This revelation implies the potential utilization of Apple's advanced AI platform, Apple Intelligence, and the inclusion of an enhanced Siri version expected with the iOS 18. The leak also hints at the device running on a version of the tvOS, potentially foreshadowing the emergence of a speculated 'homeOS' tailored for smart home gadgets.

This leak not only confirms Apple's intentions regarding a fresh home product but also suggests a possible unveiling at the company's September special event. The incorporation of the A18 chip and the integration of advanced AI and Siri functionalities could substantially elevate Apple's smart home ecosystem, possibly posing a challenge to products like the Amazon Echo Show.

Key Takeaways

  • Apple is rumored to be developing a HomePod featuring a display.
  • The leaked information implies the device could be powered by the A18 chip.
  • The device has been identified by the codename 'HomeAccessory17,1'.
  • Potential integration of Apple's advanced AI platform, Apple Intelligence.
  • Possibility of featuring an upgraded version of Siri with iOS 18.


The speculated smart speaker with a display could potentially disrupt the smart home market, impacting the dominance of rivals such as Amazon and Google. The incorporation of the A18 chip and advanced AI suggests a robust and competitive device, potentially advancing Apple's standing in the smart home sector. In the short term, competitors may react with upgrades, but in the long term, Apple could emerge as a frontrunner in smart home innovation. It is anticipated that such developments could also have a positive impact on Apple's stock in the financial markets.

Did You Know?

  • Apple Intelligence:
    • Apple Intelligence denotes Apple's cutting-edge artificial intelligence platform, expected to power the new HomeAccessory17,1. This platform is projected to integrate machine learning, natural language processing, and other AI technologies, enhancing the device's capabilities such as improved voice recognition and smarter home automation.
  • HomeAccessory17,1:
    • HomeAccessory17,1 serves as the pseudonym for Apple's speculated smart speaker with an integrated display. This codename implies the device belonging to a new product category for Apple, potentially harmonizing the functions of a HomePod with a touchscreen interface. The adoption of a codename suggests the product is in the development phase and has not been formally unveiled.
  • homeOS:
    • homeOS is an alleged operating system designed explicitly for Apple's smart home devices. If the HomeAccessory17,1 operates on a variant of the Apple TV's tvOS, it could mark the inception of this novel OS. homeOS would likely be tailored to manage and incorporate a variety of smart home accessories, providing a seamless user experience throughout Apple's home ecosystem.

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