AT&T to Offer Satellite-to-Phone Service

AT&T to Offer Satellite-to-Phone Service

Bradley Hughes
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AT&T and AST SpaceMobile Team Up to Offer Satellite-to-Phone Service

AT&T is poised to revolutionize communication with its upcoming satellite-to-phone service, enabling regular smartphones to function as satellite devices for two-way audio calls, texts, and video calls even in remote areas like national parks or rural locations. This advancement is made possible through a commercial agreement with AST SpaceMobile, which utilizes satellites as cell towers to provide connectivity in areas where traditional cell towers are inaccessible. The imminent launch of five commercial AST satellites this summer will pave the way for AT&T to introduce the service, with specific details regarding the release date and cost yet to be disclosed. T-Mobile, a competitor of AT&T, is also collaborating with SpaceX's Starlink to offer a similar satellite-based texting service to the public.

Key Takeaways

  • AT&T is partnering with AST SpaceMobile to provide cell service in remote areas using satellites as cell towers.
  • A definitive commercial agreement has been reached, with a rocket launch this summer of five AST satellites.
  • The service will enable ordinary smartphones to transform into satellite devices, even in deep national parks or rural locations.
  • AT&T aims to roll out the service soon, but specific dates and pricing are yet to be revealed.
  • Last year, AT&T raised concerns about T-Mobile and SpaceX's similar satellite-to-phone technology, currently in development.


The collaboration between AT&T and AST SpaceMobile has major implications, as it will extend connectivity to remote regions lacking traditional cell towers, challenging T-Mobile and SpaceX in the satellite-to-phone technology sphere. This development could lead to increased demand for compatible devices, reshape the telecommunications landscape, and potentially pose data privacy challenges. Additionally, there may be short-term fluctuations in the stocks of AT&T and AST SpaceMobile, with long-term growth opportunities anticipated for both companies and their investors. Conversely, competitors such as T-Mobile and SpaceX may experience financial impacts, contingent on market response and regulatory decisions.

Furthermore, this technological evolution may prompt regulatory bodies to address spectrum congestion, cybersecurity, and data privacy concerns. It could also spark innovation within the satellite and telecommunications sectors, fostering a more competitive environment for space-based communication services.

In summary, AT&T's satellite-to-phone service presents a multitude of opportunities for the companies involved and their investors, while simultaneously posing regulatory challenges and reshaping the telecommunications landscape.

Did You Know?

  • AST SpaceMobile: A company specializing in space-based cellular broadband services collaborating with AT&T to provide satellite-to-phone connectivity through the use of satellites as cell towers, facilitating regular smartphones to function in areas where traditional cell towers are unavailable.
  • Satellite-to-phone technology: An innovative concept enabling smartphones to connect to satellites for communication, thereby transforming regular smartphones into satellite devices for two-way audio calls, texts, and video calls, even in the most remote locations.
  • Commercial agreement between AT&T and AST SpaceMobile: A definitive partnership involving the deployment of satellite-to-phone services. The launch of five AST satellites this summer marks a significant milestone in the telecommunications industry, although specific details regarding the release date and pricing are yet to be announced.

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