Atlan: Data Governance Startup Making Waves

Atlan: Data Governance Startup Making Waves

Noa Sanchez
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Atlan Secures $105 Million Funding for Data Governance Platform

Key Takeaways

  • Atlan, a data governance startup, secures $105 million in funding at a valuation of $750 million
  • Founders Prukalpa Sankar and Varun Banka bring valuable expertise from their work on India's national data platform, SocialCops
  • Atlan's mission is to streamline organizational data ecosystems and provide a unified source of truth across various tools and data repositories
  • The company reports a remarkable 7x ARR growth in the last 2 years and 31x in the last 3 years, with an 80% win rate in competitive trials in 2023
  • Notable customers such as Nasdaq, HubSpot, Elastic, Dr. Martens, and Porto Seguro have partnered with Atlan
  • Atlan plans to bolster its team of 275 employees with the new funding


Atlan's successful $105 million funding round, reflecting a $750 million valuation, demonstrates significant investor confidence in data governance solutions. The founders' deep experience in data, including their contributions to India's national data platform, SocialCops, has undoubtedly contributed to this achievement. The company's rapid ARR growth and impressive competitive trial win rate indicate a rising demand for simplified data ecosystems. Organizations partnering with Atlan, such as Nasdaq and HubSpot, stand to benefit from enhanced data management capabilities.

In the short term, Atlan is poised to expand its workforce, further enhancing its platform and customer base. In the long run, this investment may spur heightened competition and innovation in the data governance sphere, ultimately impacting the broader tech and business landscape. Moreover, countries and financial entities advocating for data-driven decision-making may witness favorable outcomes. However, potential challenges around data privacy and security are likely to be closely scrutinized by regulators and competitors.

Did You Know?

  • Data Governance Startup: Atlan is a technology company specializing in data governance, which encompasses the overall management of the availability, usability, integrity, and security of data. It ensures that data can be trusted and complies with regulatory and compliance requirements.
  • ARR Growth: ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) is a critical metric used by subscription-based businesses to measure revenue generated regularly from their customers. Atlan's remarkable 7x ARR growth in the last 2 years and 31x in the last 3 years signifies rapid business expansion and increasing customer adoption.
  • Notable Customers: The notable customers of Atlan include Nasdaq, HubSpot, Elastic, Dr. Martens, and Porto Seguro. These companies are leaders in their respective industries, and their adoption of Atlan's data governance platform underscores its effectiveness and value proposition.

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