Atlan Raises $105M to Revolutionize Enterprise Data Organization

Atlan Raises $105M to Revolutionize Enterprise Data Organization

Lorenzo Montalbetti
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Atlan Raises $105 Million in Series C Funding to Expand AI-powered Data Management Platform

Atlan, a data management startup, secured $105 million in Series C funding, with GIC and Meritech Capital leading the investment. The company plans to utilize the funds to advance its product, which serves as a unified control plane for integrating diverse data infrastructure, and to broaden its reach to address the surging demand for organized data in the AI era. Atlan's platform significantly reduces the time spent on data retrieval and comprehension, boasting a 95% efficiency improvement and a competitive edge over industry players such as Informatica, Collibra, and Alation. The company's automated metadata collection approach and AI copilot for metadata creation set it apart in the market.

Key Takeaways

  • Atlan secures $105 million in Series C funding led by GIC and Meritech Capital, valuing the company at over $750 million.
  • The funding will fuel product development and expansion, offering a unified control plane for organizing various data infrastructure, from data platforms to CRMs.
  • Atlan aims to overcome the deficit of AI-ready data, a significant obstacle in the AI strategies of numerous enterprises.
  • With revenues surging over sevenfold and acquisition of major clients, Atlan has experienced substantial growth.
  • Atlan's platform leads to a 95% reduction in the time spent on data retrieval and comprehension compared to rivals like Informatica, Collibra, and Alation, emphasizing its focus on automated metadata collection.


The $105 million Series C raise for Atlan, driven by GIC and Meritech Capital, underscores strong investor confidence in its AI-powered data management solution. This funding underscores the rising urgency of AI-ready data in businesses, with Atlan's platform automating metadata collection and streamlining data search. The consequences include potential growth for Atlan, heightened competition for traditional metadata management players, and an emphasis on AI-driven data solutions. It may also drive increased funding for data management startups and expanded AI capabilities across industries, benefiting proactive AI-focused entities and posing challenges for those slow to adopt AI-integrated data strategies.

Did You Know?

  • Unified Control Plane: This is a centralized management system that enables organizations to manage and orchestrate their diverse data infrastructure through a unified interface, offering a comprehensive view of the data landscape for effective data asset management, security enforcement, and regulatory compliance.
  • Metadata Collection: It involves gathering information about data assets, including their location, format, ownership, and usage, crucial for data discovery, governance, and management. Atlan's platform automates this process, saving time and effort compared to traditional manual methods.
  • AI-ready Data: This type of data is optimized for use in AI and machine learning applications, requiring thorough cleansing, transformation, and enrichment, a challenge many organizations face. Atlan's unified control plane aims to resolve this by preparing and organizing data assets for AI integration.

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