Jan3 CEO Predicts Omega Candle

Jan3 CEO Predicts Omega Candle

Léa Dufresne
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Samson Mow, the CEO of Jan3, a company focused on Bitcoin adoption, and a former executive at Blockstream, recently made an optimistic statement about Bitcoin's future. Mow tweeted about a potential "Omega candle," a substantial surge in Bitcoin's value accompanied by increased volatility. He attributed this prediction to the launch of the spot Bitcoin ETF and the recent halving of Bitcoin in April, which he believes will lead to a supply shock. Robert Kiyosaki, a renowned financial expert and the author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad," supported Mow's sentiment by emphasizing the safety of Bitcoin in comparison to bonds, disputing the traditional belief in the security of bonds.

Key Takeaways

  • Samson Mow anticipates a significant surge, or "Omega candle," for Bitcoin, following the recent developments in the cryptocurrency market.
  • Robert Kiyosaki promotes Bitcoin as a safer investment than bonds, advising investments in gold, silver, and Bitcoin before their prices rise.


The forecast of an "Omega candle" for Bitcoin by Samson Mow, supported by Robert Kiyosaki, could divert investments from bonds to assets like Bitcoin, gold, and silver. This shift might lead to a short-term surge in digital and precious metal prices. Additionally, organizations like Grayscale Investments, CME Group, and financial institutions offering Bitcoin-related products may benefit from the potential surge. However, traditional bond markets and commercial real estate may face decreased investments. Such a transition could also influence central banks' policies and trigger regulatory changes. In the long term, it may contribute to an increase in Bitcoin adoption and legitimization, enticing more businesses and institutional investors to explore cryptocurrency investments.

Did You Know?

  • Omega candle: It is a bullish reversal pattern in technical analysis that indicates a significant change in the market trend. Samson Mow's reference to an Omega candle for Bitcoin suggests a substantial price surge in the near future.
  • Bitcoin halving: This is a pre-programmed event within the Bitcoin network that reduces the block reward for miners by half, designed to control Bitcoin's supply and prevent inflation. The recent halving in April 2024 is expected to lead to a supply shock, raising the price of Bitcoin due to increased demand and reduced supply.
  • Spot Bitcoin ETF: A spot Bitcoin ETF allows investors to trade shares tracking Bitcoin's price without direct ownership of the cryptocurrency. Its launch makes it easier for institutional investors to gain exposure to Bitcoin, potentially increasing demand and driving up the price.

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