Designated as 'Gatekeeper' Under Digital Markets Act Designated as 'Gatekeeper' Under Digital Markets Act

Luisa Costa
2 min read Designated as "Gatekeeper" under EU's Digital Markets Act, the travel accommodation platform, has been deemed a "gatekeeper" by the European Commission under the Digital Markets Act (DMA). This law seeks to establish equitable competition among online platforms by stipulating precise regulations and responsibilities for major tech firms. As a gatekeeper, will be required to adhere to a set of restrictions, including a prohibition on targeted advertising beyond its platform and the enforcement of non-discrimination practices against business users. Failure to comply within six months could result in fines amounting to 10% of its total global turnover. The company, established in Amsterdam in 1996, boasts over 45 million monthly active users in the EU and a market capitalization of €117.7 billion. has expressed its intent to thoroughly evaluate the Commission's decision and collaborate to meet the new regulations.

Key Takeaways

  • labeled as a "gatekeeper" under EU's Digital Markets Act
  • DMA instituted to ensure fair competition among prominent online platforms
  • has a six-month period to meet DMA's list of requirements
  • Obligations include prohibiting targeted ads beyond core platform and practicing non-discrimination
  • Non-compliance could lead to fines reaching 10% of total global turnover


The European Commission's classification of as a "gatekeeper" pursuant to the Digital Markets Act signifies its dedication to fostering fair competition within online platforms. This determination is poised to profoundly impact's advertising methodologies, constraining targeted advertising beyond its platform and enforcing fair treatment of business users. Consequently, the company's revenue streams and user experience may undergo alterations, affecting its market capitalization and overall valuation.

This verdict also casts its influence upon other tech entities, signaling the EU's commitment to regulating digital markets. Entities and financial instruments reliant on's operations may need to adapt to these changes. Over time, this move may prompt other global regulators to implement similar measures, restructuring the digital market and online competition landscape.

Did You Know?

  • Gatekeeper Status under EU's Digital Markets Act (DMA): The European Commission can assign "gatekeeper" status to companies that wield significant influence within the internal market under the DMA. These gatekeepers are subjected to specific regulations and obligations to uphold fair competition and prevent potential market misconduct.'s designation as a gatekeeper indicates its robust position in the online travel accommodation marketplace and necessitates compliance with the DMA's stipulations.
  • Prohibition on Targeted Advertising beyond Core Platform: One of the pivotal obligations for gatekeepers like involves forbidding targeted advertising outside their primary platforms. This measure is designed to prevent exploitation of market dominance, ensuring that these companies do not unfairly promote their services or disadvantage rivals on external platforms. is mandated to abstain from such practices and concentrate its targeted advertising endeavors solely within its platform.
  • Non-Discrimination Practices against Business Users: As a gatekeeper, must uphold non-discrimination practices when engaging with business users. This requirement seeks to ensure that the company does not exhibit favoritism towards its own services or those of affiliated firms over competitors when interacting with businesses reliant on its platform. By implementing non-discrimination practices, contributes to maintaining a level playing field for all market participants.

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