Brazil Bans Meta from Using Personal Data for AI Training

Brazil Bans Meta from Using Personal Data for AI Training

Fernando da Silva Santos
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Brazilian Data Protection Authority Bans Meta from Using Personal Data for AI Training

Brazil’s data protection authority, ANPD, has taken a significant step by banning Meta from utilizing Brazilian personal data to train its AI models, citing potential risks to users. This decision comes after Meta’s privacy policy update in May, which allowed the use of public data from Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram in Brazil for AI training. ANPD's move was influenced by a recent Human Rights Watch report that uncovered identifiable photos of Brazilian children in AI training datasets, such as LAION-5B, potentially exposing them to exploitation.

ANPD highlighted that Meta's policy presents an imminent risk of serious harm to users' fundamental rights and has given Meta a five-day ultimatum to comply. Failure to comply will result in daily fines of 50,000 reais. Brazil is a crucial market for Meta, with 102 million user accounts on Facebook alone. Meta defended its policy, asserting compliance with Brazilian privacy laws, but ANPD contends that opting out of data use for AI training is excessively challenging.

Key Takeaways

  • Brazil's ANPD bans Meta from using Brazilian personal data for AI training.
  • Meta's privacy policy update in May allowed the use of public data from Brazil for AI.
  • A recent Human Rights Watch report revealed identifiable photos of Brazilian children in AI training datasets.
  • ANPD has issued a five-day compliance ultimatum to Meta, with possible daily fines of 50,000 reais.
  • Meta faces similar restrictions in the EU, while the US has less stringent privacy protections.


ANPD’s ban on Meta's data use significantly impacts Meta's AI development and Brazilian user privacy. This directly results from Meta's updated privacy policy, indirectly influenced by lenient US privacy laws. In the short term, Meta faces fines and operational disruptions. However, in the long term, this could lead to more stringent global data regulations affecting Meta, Brazilian users, and tech companies with similar data practices. Financial instruments linked to Meta's stock may also experience volatility.

Did You Know?

  • ANPD (Autoridade Nacional de Proteção de Dados): The ANPD is Brazil's data protection authority responsible for enforcing data privacy laws and regulations in the country, particularly in the context of technology and AI.
  • LAION-5B Dataset: LAION-5B is a large-scale dataset used for training AI models, containing identifiable photos of individuals, including children, posing significant risks such as potential exploitation and privacy violations.
  • Meta's Compliance with Privacy Laws: Meta has been under scrutiny for its data collection and processing practices, claiming compliance with privacy laws, while regulatory bodies like ANPD and the EU have raised concerns about these practices in terms of protecting user data and respecting privacy rights.

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