Bybit Rises to 2nd Spot in Global Trading Volume

Bybit Rises to 2nd Spot in Global Trading Volume

Nikolai Romanov
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Bybit Surpasses Coinbase in Global Trading Volume, Takes Second Spot behind Binance

Bybit, a Dubai-based cryptocurrency exchange, has taken the second spot globally in trading volume, surpassing Coinbase and trailing only Binance. This astonishing rise is credited to Bybit's strategic move to attract former FTX clients and its expansion into European and Russian markets. In the past 24 hours, Bybit's trading volume reached $2.9 billion, nearly half of Binance’s $6.3 billion. CEO Ben Zhou identified the collapse of FTX as a significant growth opportunity.

Key Takeaways

  • Bybit now ranks second globally in trading volume, with a 16% market share.
  • The exchange's growth is fueled by targeting former FTX clients and expanding in Europe and Russia.
  • Bybit's daily trading volume reached $2.9 billion, nearly half of Binance’s $6.3 billion.
  • The crypto market has rebounded, with Bitcoin's price doubling over the past year.
  • Bybit navigates regulatory challenges by focusing on emerging markets and compliance reviews.


Bybit's meteoric rise to the second-largest crypto exchange, driven by strategic targeting of former FTX clients and expansion into Europe and Russia, underscores a shift in market dynamics. The exchange capitalized on the crypto market recovery and regulatory agility, focusing on emerging markets and compliance. This growth could lead to increased market competition, potentially pressuring other exchanges to innovate or expand. Regulatory scrutiny may intensify, particularly in regions like Russia and China, affecting Bybit's operations and market strategy. Long-term, Bybit's success could hinge on its ability to balance growth with regulatory compliance, influencing the broader crypto exchange landscape.

Did You Know?

  • Cross-Margin Trading: This is a type of trading where a trader uses a single margin account for multiple positions. Unlike isolated margin trading, where each position has its own separate margin, cross-margin trading uses the entire available balance in the account as collateral. This can increase leverage and potential profits but also increases the risk of liquidation if the market moves against the trader.
  • Prime Brokers: These are financial services companies that provide services such as securities lending, leveraged trading, and settlement services to hedge funds and large investors. In the context of Bybit's compliance review, dealing with prime brokers involves ensuring that all transactions and services provided by Bybit adhere to regulatory standards and do not violate any financial laws or sanctions.
  • Digital-Asset Licenses: These are regulatory approvals granted by financial authorities to businesses that deal in digital assets like cryptocurrencies. By securing licenses in Georgia and Kazakhstan, Bybit demonstrates its commitment to operating legally and transparently within these jurisdictions. This also allows Bybit to offer its services to customers in these regions, expanding its market reach while adhering to local regulations.

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