Canva's Acquisition of Affinity Challenges Adobe's Dominance

Luisa Montenegro
1 min read

Web-based design platform Canva has acquired the Affinity creative software suite, establishing itself as a challenger to Adobe's grip over the digital design industry. The acquisition, valued at several hundred million pounds, grants Canva ownership over Affinity Designer, Photo, and Publisher, similar to Adobe's Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign software. This move aligns with Canva's aim to attract more creative professionals, as its design platform already draws around 170 million monthly global users. Canva's press release noted the company's desire to empower the full spectrum of designers, from novices to professionals, signaling a shift in focus to cater to the professional design market. Affinity apps, known for their one-time-purchase model with no ongoing subscription fees, have garnered a loyal fanbase and appeal to creatives seeking alternatives to Adobe's subscription-based ecosystem. Canva plans to keep Affinity applications separate from its platform but anticipates some integrations in the future. With the addition of Affinity and its 90 UK-based employees, Canva is positioned to compete more aggressively with Adobe in the broader creative software market, potentially appealing to professionals disenchanted with Adobe's offerings.

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