Cardano 9.0 and Chang Hard Fork: A New Era for Governance

Cardano 9.0 and Chang Hard Fork: A New Era for Governance

Valentina Santos
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Cardano Gears Up for Chang Hard Fork, Marking Voltaire Era

Cardano is on the brink of a major milestone as it prepares to launch Cardano 9.0 and execute the Chang hard fork, contingent on 70% of stake pool operators updating their nodes. This pivotal fork heralds the commencement of the Voltaire era, centered on community-driven governance, which Charles Hoskinson, Cardano's founder, heralds as the most significant achievement in the network's history. Hoskinson envisions Cardano as a decentralized global entity with sophisticated blockchain governance, featuring annual budgets and a treasury, guided by community wisdom. Despite ADA's current 11th ranking and a notable decline from its peak, enthusiasm for the Chang hard fork is instilling optimism among investors, potentially leading to a price recovery and a push towards the $1 mark.

Key Takeaways

  • Cardano 9.0 set to launch in June, paving the way for the Chang hard fork.
  • The Chang hard fork activates upon 70% stake pool operator node updates.
  • Chang marks the inception of the Voltaire era, focusing on community-driven governance.
  • Charles Hoskinson deems Chang as the "most significant" milestone in Cardano's history.
  • ADA price may witness a rebound due to the momentous Chang hard fork.


The impending launch of Cardano 9.0 and the Chang hard fork emblemize a crucial shift towards community governance, potentially fortifying network stability and investor confidence. This transition, synonymous with the Voltaire era, could allure more decentralized applications and users, augmenting ADA's market relevance. Though short-term price fluctuations are anticipated, the long-term outlook appears favorable, as decentralized governance traditionally bolsters network resilience and adaptability. Stakeholders in the Cardano ecosystem, particularly those engaged in stake pool operations, will wield pivotal influence in this evolution, shaping both the network's trajectory and ADA's market performance.

Did You Know?

  • Cardano 9.0: Signifying a significant upgrade of the platform's software, Cardano 9.0 is vital in readying the network for the impending Chang hard fork, bolstering its capabilities and governance structures.
  • Chang Hard Fork: This planned update on the Cardano network marks the initiation of the Voltaire era, centering on community governance, and necessitates a majority of stake pool operators to update their nodes to activate the new protocol changes.
  • Voltaire Era: In line with the French Enlightenment writer, the Voltaire era in Cardano's roadmap is dedicated to embedding a robust governance system, empowering the Cardano community to steer the network's future, including funding and development priorities, for sustained self-governance. This era encompasses features such as an annual budget and a treasury system, designed to uphold the network's long-term sustainability.

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