Cardano Founder Announces Caredano Node Update 9.0: Voltaire Age Incoming

Cardano Founder Announces Caredano Node Update 9.0: Voltaire Age Incoming

Reiko Nakamura
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Charles Hoskinson Announces Cardano Node 9.0 Update with Chang Hard Fork Launch in June

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, has unveiled a significant update for the Cardano Node, version 9.0, set to be launched in June. This upgrade will introduce the Chang hard fork, commencing the Voltaire Age, which aims to enhance Cardano's governance through community-driven initiatives. Key features of this update include decentralized voting and funding for new projects, empowering ADA holders to directly influence the ecosystem. Additionally, the update will expand capabilities for proxy participation and treasury management, providing holders with greater control over community funds and decisions. Despite these advancements, ADA's price has remained relatively stable, with only a slight increase, indicating a patient investor base focused on long-term potential.

Key Takeaways

  • Cardano Node 9.0 update scheduled for June includes the Chang hard fork, marking the start of the Voltaire Age.
  • Decentralized voting via CIP 1694 will empower Cardano community to propose and fund new projects.
  • Future phases of the Voltaire Age will introduce proxy participation and treasury withdrawals for enhanced governance.
  • Recent Node 8.9.2 update resolved network issues, improving Cardano's performance and scalability.
  • Despite significant updates, ADA's price remains stable, with only a 1% increase in the last 24 hours.


The upcoming Cardano Node 9.0 update, featuring the Chang hard fork, signifies an important shift towards decentralized governance. This move could significantly impact ADA holders, granting them direct influence over project funding and ecosystem direction. While immediate market reactions have been muted, the long-term implications are substantial, potentially enhancing Cardano's appeal to investors seeking active governance roles. The stability in ADA's price suggests a market focused on the update's implementation and its real-world effects on governance and community engagement. This strategic evolution positions Cardano as a leader in blockchain governance, setting a precedent for other cryptocurrencies to follow.

Did You Know?

  • Chang Hard Fork: A hard fork in blockchain technology is a radical change to the protocol that makes previously invalid blocks/transactions valid, or vice versa. The Chang hard fork specifically refers to a planned upgrade in the Cardano blockchain, which is necessary to implement new features or changes in the network's operation. This particular hard fork is significant as it marks the beginning of the Voltaire Age, focusing on enhancing governance mechanisms.
  • Voltaire Age: Named after the French philosopher known for his advocacy of freedom of speech and separation of church and state, the Voltaire Age in Cardano's context is a phase aimed at improving the platform's governance. It introduces mechanisms for decentralized decision-making, including community-driven initiatives like decentralized voting and funding of new projects, which are intended to make the network more democratic and responsive to its stakeholders.
  • CIP 1694 (Cardano Improvement Proposal 1694): This is a specific proposal within the Cardano community that outlines a framework for decentralized governance. CIP 1694 introduces a system where ADA holders can participate in the governance of the network, including proposing and voting on new projects or changes. This system is designed to ensure that the community has a direct say in the future development and direction of the Cardano platform.

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