Cardano Wallet Lace v.1.9 Receives Major Upgrade: What's New?

Silvio Montalbano
1 min read

Cardano Web3 Wallet Lace Receives Major Upgrade

Lace, a light wallet platform for the Cardano blockchain, has introduced its latest version, v.1.9, with several exciting new features and improvements. The upgrade includes multi-account and multi-wallet capabilities, enhancing the user experience in the Web3 environment.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lace v.1.9 introduces multi-wallets and multi-account setup for the Lace wallet.
  • Users can now generate several addresses or accounts within a single wallet using a single recovery phrase, enabling effective asset management.
  • The upgrade also allows users to have multiple wallets with their own set of keys and recovery phrases, enhancing security and asset protection.

Do You Know?

  • Multi-account setup enables users to separate transactions or stake delegations without handling multiple seeds, thereby improving asset management.

The latest enhancements in Lace align with the ongoing progress of the Cardano ecosystem, as it moves towards full P2P node operations and the upcoming deployment of the Ouroboros Genesis release as part of the Chang upgrade, targeted for this summer.

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