Carv Raises $10M to Revolutionize Recruitment Platform

Carv Raises $10M to Revolutionize Recruitment Platform

Sofia Lopez
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Carv Secures $10M in Seed Funding to Enhance Recruitment Platform

Amsterdam-based startup Carv has successfully raised $10 million in Seed funding to further develop its recruitment platform, with a focus on automating administrative tasks for recruiters. This investment, which comes after the platform's launch in March, is set to drive Carv's expansion into various areas of the recruitment process, potentially saving recruiters between 20% to 40% of their time typically spent on administrative duties. Notable investors in this funding round include Global Founders Capital and several angel investors, who have previously supported successful startups such as Slack, Miro, and Revolut. The founding team of Carv, which includes individuals with prior experience in establishing the digital hiring technology leader Harver, envisions a future where AI and human recruiters collaborate to improve the hiring process.

Key Takeaways

  • Carv secures $10M to automate recruitment administrative tasks.
  • Seed funding is aimed at expanding Carv's platform capabilities.
  • Investors include Global Founders Capital and angel investors from Slack, Miro, and Revolut.
  • Carv's founders have prior experience in establishing the digital hiring leader Harver.
  • The platform seeks to balance human and AI roles in recruitment.


The $10 million Seed funding received by Carv signals a trend toward AI-enhanced recruitment, impacting traditional HR roles. This shift is a result of the founders' previous success with Harver and the confidence shown by investors such as Global Founders Capital and experienced angels. In the short term, recruiters may experience increased efficiency, while in the long term, AI integration could redefine job functions, potentially disrupting HR tech markets. As Carv scales, a broader adoption of AI in recruitment is anticipated, influencing global hiring practices.

Did You Know?

  • Seed Funding: Initial capital raised by a startup to begin operations, typically used for product development and market research. It precedes more substantial rounds of funding like Series A, B, etc.
  • Global Founders Capital: A global venture capital firm known for backing companies with significant potential for global impact and has invested in numerous successful tech startups.
  • Harver: A digital pre-employment assessment platform that helps companies improve their recruitment processes by automating and standardizing the selection of candidates. It uses data-driven assessments to match candidates with job roles, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the hiring process.

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