Cloud Firms Struggle with Redis Licensing Change and Valkey Fork

Kazuki Tanaka
1 min read

Cloud firms are facing a licensing dilemma as Redis, a popular tool for in-memory data storage, switches its license. The move from an open-source BSD license to Source Available License and Server Side Public License (SSPL) has spurred a significant response. The reasoning behind the change lies in Redis’ commercial sales being channeled through major cloud service providers, leading to commoditization of its open source community's investments. This sparked a fork in the form of Valkey, backed by The Linux Foundation and industry giants like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Oracle, Ericsson, and Snap Inc. The fork aims to provide a fully open-source alternative to Redis. Amid discussions and blowback, it's clear that the move has raised concerns among the affected parties. The licensing alteration could lead to significant shifts in open-source strategies and initiatives across the tech industry.

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