Crypto Startups Embrace Rolling Fundraises for Valuation Surge

Crypto Startups Embrace Rolling Fundraises for Valuation Surge

Lorenzo Santoro
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Crypto Startups Embrace Rolling Fundraises to Accelerate Valuations

Crypto startups, such as 0G Labs securing $35 million in funding, are increasingly adopting rolling fundraises as a means to swiftly elevate their valuations. This unconventional financing approach, characterized by continuous capital influx, has gained traction within the sector's resurgence and garnered support from prominent investors. In Q1, the average Series A round in the crypto industry peaked at $26 million, contributing to a total venture investment of $2.5 billion. While traditional venture capital models prioritize disciplined investors, proponents argue that the distinctive requirements of crypto startups render this unorthodox funding strategy more appropriate. Michael Heinrich, the co-founder of 0G Labs, perceives this trend as a testament to the market's success.

Key Takeaways

  • Crypto startups like 0G Labs are utilizing rolling fundraises to rapidly enhance valuations.
  • The average Series A round in the crypto industry reached a high of $26 million in Q1 2024.
  • This atypical strategy signifies a resurgence in the digital-asset industry and substantial unspent venture capital.
  • Rolling fundraises have garnered substantial support from major backers such as Hack VC, OKX Ventures, GSR, and Animoca Brands.
  • The adoption of rolling fundraises challenges conventional venture capital norms and aligns with the specific needs of crypto startups.


The emergence of rolling fundraises in crypto startups, exemplified by 0G Labs, reflects a resurgence in the sector and the eagerness of investors to capitalize on digital assets. This approach, supported by influential entities like Hack VC and Animoca Brands, disrupts traditional venture capital norms. With the average Series A round reaching $26 million in Q1 2024, crypto startups swiftly escalate their valuations, attracting additional unspent venture capital. However, this shift might impact disciplined investors, as continuous capital influx could result in less rigorous evaluation of startup potential. Over time, the normalization of rolling fundraises could cultivate a more dynamic crypto market, yet also heighten risks for both startups and investors.

Did You Know?

  • Rolling fundraises: This funding strategy allows crypto startups to continuously raise capital from investors, facilitating rapid valuation growth, contrasting traditional discrete funding rounds.

  • Series A round: Signifying the first substantial round of financing for startups, typically utilized for scaling and expansion, the average Series A round in the crypto industry reached $26 million in Q1 2024, signaling robust investor interest.

  • Unconventional funding strategy: The utilization of rolling fundraises challenges traditional venture capital norms, aligning with the unique needs of the digital-asset industry, attracting significant backers and showcasing investor enthusiasm for this approach.

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