DeepX Raises $80M for On-Device AI Chips

DeepX Raises $80M for On-Device AI Chips

Maximilian Schmidt
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South Korean Startup DeepX Raises $80 Million in Series C Funding

DeepX, a South Korean startup specializing in on-device AI chips, has successfully secured $80 million in a Series C funding round led by SkyLake Equity Partners. With this latest injection of capital, DeepX's total funding now stands at $95 million, propelling the company's plans to mass-produce its inaugural products for global distribution by the end of 2024. The startup, established in 2018 by Lokwon Kim, seeks to expedite the development and launch of advanced on-device language model solutions. Its range of AI chips, such as DX-V1, DX-V3, DX-M1, and DX-H1, are tailored to support diverse AI applications in electronic devices, with an emphasis on energy and cost efficiency.

The rapidly expanding edge AI market, anticipated to reach $107.47 billion by 2029, presents DeepX with promising opportunities amidst competition from industry players like Hailo,, and Axelera. DeepX's innovative strengths lie in its proficiency in cost-effective energy consumption and proficiency, in addition to its All-in-4 AI Total Solution, which offers holistic application solutions. Notably, the company has filed over 259 patents in the U.S., China, and South Korea and is actively engaged in collaborations with over 100 potential clients and strategic partners to validate the capabilities of its AI chips.

Key Takeaways

  • South Korean startup DeepX secures $80 million in Series C funding, bringing its total funding to $95 million, to facilitate global distribution of its inaugural AI chip products.
  • DeepX's AI chips, including the DX-V1, DX-V3, DX-M1, and DX-H1, are engineered for various AI applications in electronic devices, focusing on cost and energy efficiency.
  • As the edge AI market surges towards the projected $107.47 billion valuation by 2029, DeepX faces competition from Hailo,, and Axelera, distinguishing itself through innovative energy and cost-effective solutions.


DeepX's successful Series C funding of $80 million reflects the escalating demand for efficient AI chips within the burgeoning edge AI market, estimated to attain a value of $107.47 billion by 2029. The investment will further bolster DeepX's production capabilities and propel the advancement of extensive language model solutions, intensifying competition with Hailo,, and Axelera. The impact of DeepX's enhancements in efficiency and customization may prompt rivals to pursue innovation or collaboration to remain competitive. Additionally, the company's substantial patent filings across influential markets underscore its commitment to safeguarding its technological advancements, potentially influencing IP strategies across the AI chip sector.

Did You Know?

  • AI chips: Specialized computer chips tailored to accelerate AI workloads, handling complex mathematical computations essential for tasks such as machine learning, computer vision, and natural language processing.
  • Edge AI: AI systems designed for on-device deployment, functioning locally without remote server processing, providing faster response times, lower latency, and improved privacy and security.
  • DeepX: A South Korean startup focused on developing on-device AI chips since its inception in 2018. The company has raised $95 million in funding and boasts a portfolio that includes the DX-V1, DX-V3, DX-M1, and DX-H1 AI chips designed for electronic devices.

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