Delta Emulator Changes Logo After Legal Threat from Adobe

Delta Emulator Changes Logo After Legal Threat from Adobe

Lorenzo De Luca
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Delta, a prominent Nintendo game emulator, has recently redesigned its logo in response to legal pressure from Adobe. While attention had initially been on potential pushback from Nintendo, known for targeting emulators, it was Adobe that raised concerns about Delta's app icon, alleging its similarity to the renowned "A" logo. Following receipt of a cease and desist letter from Adobe, Delta has temporarily introduced a modified logo, asserting that the new design represents a stylized version of the Greek letter "delta," with the final version set for release alongside the Delta 1.6 update. Furthermore, Apple, having initially permitted retro game emulators on the App Store, has taken down Delta following Adobe's complaint.

Key Takeaways

  • Delta, a Nintendo game emulator, modified its logo due to legal action from Adobe.
  • Adobe asserted that Delta's app icon infringed upon its well-known "A" logo.
  • Delta received a legal warning from Adobe on May 7, alongside a request from Apple to remove the app.
  • Delta stands as one of the initial retro game emulators approved for listing on the App Store.
  • Delta's developer argued that the logo was a stylized Greek letter "delta," not an uppercase "A."
  • A revised logo has been temporarily implemented, with a "final" version planned for Delta 1.6 release.


The need for Delta, a Nintendo game emulator, to alter its logo in response to legal pressure from Adobe sheds light on the increasing scrutiny of app icons for potential trademark infringement. This development may prompt other app developers to reassess their branding strategies, indirectly affecting design firms and intellectual property lawyers. The removal of Delta from the App Store following Adobe's complaint may also indicate a shift in Apple's emulator policy, impacting similar apps and their developers. As Delta prepares to release its "final" logo with the 1.6 update, businesses should remain vigilant about potential trademark infringements to avoid legal disputes and reputational harm.

Did You Know?

  • Nintendo Game Emulator: A software enabling users to play Nintendo games on devices other than the original consoles.
  • Legal Threat from Adobe: Adobe, recognized for products like Photoshop and Illustrator, issued a cease and desist letter to Delta, citing the app icon's similarity to Adobe's "A" logo.
  • Apple Taking Down Delta: Apple removed Delta from its platform in response to Adobe's complaint, marking a significant development given Delta's initial approval as one of the first retro game emulators on the App Store.

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