Dexcom G7's Continuous Glucose Monitoring System Now Compatible with Apple Watch

Dexcom G7's Continuous Glucose Monitoring System Now Compatible with Apple Watch

Santiago Herrera
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Dexcom G7's Continuous Glucose Monitoring System Now Compatible with Apple Watch

The Dexcom G7 Continuous Glucose Monitoring System has introduced direct compatibility with the Apple Watch, enabling users to access real-time glucose readings on their wrist without relying on their iPhone. This much-anticipated feature offers users greater freedom and convenience in managing diabetes, allowing for hands-free monitoring of critical blood sugar levels. Utilizing a dedicated Bluetooth connection, the Dexcom G7 sends personalized alerts and glucose information to the Apple Watch, even in the midst of activities like running or dining out. What's more, users can seamlessly integrate other health metrics from Apple’s health features, thereby consolidating all diabetes-related data in the Health app, ensuring easy access. Presently, this integration is available in the U.S., U.K., and Ireland, with plans for expansion into additional markets in the near future.

Key Takeaways

  • Dexcom G7 glucose monitor now connects directly to Apple Watch in the U.S.
  • Dexcom G7 is the first CGM with Direct to Apple Watch feature, offering real-time glucose readings without needing an iPhone.
  • Users can view glucose data on multiple devices simultaneously, enhancing diabetes management flexibility.
  • Dexcom G7 users can integrate health metrics from Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPad to manage diabetes more effectively.
  • Direct to Apple Watch feature is currently available in the U.S., U.K., and Ireland, with more markets to follow.


The integration of Dexcom G7 with Apple Watch significantly enhances diabetes management by providing real-time glucose monitoring independently from an iPhone, benefiting both Dexcom and Apple by expanding their product utility and market reach, especially among tech-savvy diabetics. This advancement not only offers short-term benefits in terms of convenience and health monitoring but also holds the potential for long-term improved health outcomes and heightened demand for integrated health tech. Moreover, as more markets embrace this feature, it could establish a new standard for wearable health integration while influencing other medical device manufacturers and tech companies to follow suit.

Did You Know?

  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System: A technological solution for tracking glucose levels throughout the day and night by measuring glucose levels in the interstitial fluid. This continuous monitoring provides real-time tracking of glucose levels, delivering alerts when levels are too high or too low and supporting more effective diabetes management.
  • Direct to Apple Watch Feature: This capability of the Dexcom G7 system enables direct connection to the Apple Watch without relying on an intermediary device, offering real-time glucose readings and alerts directly on the wrist, enhancing convenience and accessibility, particularly during activities where carrying a phone might be impractical.
  • Interstitial Fluid: The fluid that fills the spaces between cells of the body and surrounds the cells. It is in this fluid that CGMs like the Dexcom G7 measure glucose levels, delivering continuous readings, albeit sometimes lagging behind blood glucose levels due to the time it takes for glucose to move from the blood into the interstitial fluid.

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