Edinburgh Startup Malted AI Raises £6M for Specialized GenAI Models

Edinburgh Startup Malted AI Raises £6M for Specialized GenAI Models

Lachlan Fraser
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Malted AI Secures £6m Funding for Specialized GenAI Models

Malted AI, an Edinburgh-based startup, has successfully secured £6m in funding for the development of specialized GenAI models tailored for businesses. The funding round was led by Hoxton Ventures and backed by the Creator Fund and angel investors. Malted's innovative "distillation" process sets it apart by utilizing small, efficient language models, diverging from the prevailing trend of larger models. The company's objective is to offer cost-effective, tailored AI solutions for businesses, with a particular emphasis on complex information retrieval and regulatory compliance. Malted is actively engaged in pilot programs with major enterprises and distinguishes itself through its strategic location in Edinburgh, aiming to leverage the local talent pool and establish itself as a frontrunner in AI distillation technology.

Key Takeaways

  • Malted AI, an Edinburgh-based startup, secures £6m for developing specialized, distilled GenAI models for businesses.
  • The company's unique distillation process creates smaller, efficient language models for specific tasks, thereby reducing costs and resource utilization.
  • The rising popularity of smaller AI models for narrow business applications presents a cost-effective alternative to larger, general models.
  • Malted collaborates with major enterprises to create language model-powered applications, generating specialized training data that demonstrates enhanced performance at reduced costs.
  • By choosing to remain in Edinburgh, Malted aims to tap into the local talent pool and contribute to the burgeoning AI industry in Scotland, challenging the dominance currently held by London and Paris.


Malted AI's £6m funding signifies a shift in AI investments towards specialized, cost-effective models, potentially impacting tech giants and well-funded AI companies, as agile startups offer competitive alternatives. This development may lead to an increase in AI-related jobs in Edinburgh, posing a challenge to the dominance of London and Paris. In the short term, there may be a surge of interest in distilled AI models, while the long-term implications could yield a more diverse AI landscape, fostering innovation and affordability in business solutions.

Did You Know?

  • GenAI models: GenAI, short for Generative Artificial Intelligence, encompasses AI models capable of generating new content based on learned patterns, offering value for various business applications such as content creation, automated customer support, and data augmentation.
  • AI distillation process: AI distillation involves compressing larger, general models to create smaller, specialized AI models, resulting in reduced computational requirements, cost savings, and enhanced efficiency in specific tasks.
  • Edinburgh's AI talent pool: Edinburgh boasts a vibrant tech scene and houses esteemed universities, including the University of Edinburgh, which prioritizes AI research. By remaining in Edinburgh, Malted AI aims to harness the local talent pool and contribute to the growth of Scotland's AI industry, challenging the current dominance of London and Paris. This strategic decision grants them access to skilled professionals, establishing a competitive edge in the AI distillation technology market.

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