Eko Health Transforms Stethoscopes with AI Innovation

Eko Health Transforms Stethoscopes with AI Innovation

Gabriella Rossi
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Eko Health's AI-Infused Stethoscope Raises $41 Million in Series D Funding

Eko Health, a startup established in 2013, has redefined the conventional stethoscope by integrating AI technology, significantly advancing heart condition detection. Their digital stethoscope, embraced by over 500,000 healthcare professionals, accumulates extensive chest sound and ECG data, utilized by Eko to craft precise diagnostic algorithms. In April, Eko obtained FDA clearance for its AI in early heart failure and murmurs detection, markedly enhancing diagnostic accuracy. This milestone led to a $41 million injection in Series D funding, propelling Eko's total funding to $165 million. The funds will bolster AI capabilities to identify pulmonary conditions and bolster international sales. Investors are optimistic about Eko's potential to profoundly enhance patient outcomes, including the early identification of cardiac irregularities during routine examinations.

Key Takeaways

  • Eko Health's digital stethoscope harnesses AI to elevate heart condition diagnoses.
  • The device is widely adopted by over 500,000 healthcare professionals worldwide.
  • Eko's AI received FDA approval for spotting initial signs of heart failure and murmurs.
  • The company secured $41 million in Series D funding, bringing their total investment to $165 million.
  • Future initiatives include expanding AI capabilities to detect pulmonary issues such as asthma and pneumonia.


Eko Health's AI-augmented digital stethoscope, now FDA-cleared, substantially amplifies early heart condition identification, exerting profound global impact on healthcare providers and patients. The substantial $41 million Series D investment underscores confidence in AI diagnostics, potentially reshaping customary medical check-ups and enhancing patient results. Venturing into pulmonary conditions could further disrupt traditional diagnostic protocols, benefiting healthcare systems and insurers by curbing treatment costs and enhancing patient care. This technology's expansion could also drive standardization efforts and the integration of AI in global medical devices.

Did You Know?

  • Series D Funding: This financing stage denotes a company's remarkable growth phase, aiming to scale operations or venture into new markets. Typically, Series D rounds lure significant investments from various stakeholders, with the objective of furnishing ample capital for imminent milestones like an IPO or extensive market expansion.

  • FDA Clearance: This regulatory endorsement process by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration guarantees the safety and efficacy of medical devices for their intended use. For Eko Health, obtaining FDA approval for their AI technology signifies thorough agency assessment of its reliability and safety in clinical settings, particularly in the early detection of heart failure and murmurs.

  • AI Diagnostic Algorithms: These computational models and processes leverage machine learning to scrutinize medical data and form predictions or decisions sans human intervention. In the context of Eko Health, these algorithms analyze chest sound and ECG data collected by their digital stethoscope, surpassing traditional methods in detecting heart conditions. Developing these algorithms involves intricate data analysis, pattern recognition, and continual learning from fresh data to enhance diagnostic precision.

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