Enspired Secures €25.5M Series B Funding

Enspired Secures €25.5M Series B Funding

Alessandro Marino
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Enspired Secures €25.5M in Series B Funding to Expand Trading-as-a-Service Operations

Enspired, a provider of trading-as-a-service on short-term energy markets, has successfully secured €25.5M in Series B funding, with the round being led by Zouk Capital and notable participation from PUSH VC, Banpu NEXT, Vopak Ventures, Presidio Ventures, Emerald Technology Ventures, Helen Ventures, 360 Capital, and EnBW New Ventures.

The company intends to utilize the raised capital to extend its presence into the Asian and American markets. This strategic move comes following the integration of adaptability to new markets into its trading platform, projecting a significant impact on future energy transitions and contributing to emission savings of over one million tons.

John Higelin, Partner at Zouk Capital, expressed approval for Enspired's AI-based approach to power asset optimization and its dedication to the energy transition.

Key Takeaways

  • Enspired secures €25.5M in Series B funding to expand trading-as-a-service operations in short-term energy markets.
  • Zouk Capital leads the funding round with participation from notable investors.
  • Enspired aims to enable 50 GW of flexibility by 2035 through its expansion into Asia and the US.
  • The company's AI-based approach to power asset optimization contributes significantly to emission savings, with over one million tons already saved.


Enspired's successful Series B funding signifies growing recognition of digital technology's potential in the renewable energy sector. This development sets the stage for further investments and innovation in energy trading platforms. The expansion into Asian and American markets presents opportunities for increased competition and the integration of renewable energy sources, albeit with accompanying challenges such as regulatory frameworks, cultural differences, and technological compatibility issues. Furthermore, Enspired's AI-based approach to power asset optimization is expected to set a precedent for similar businesses, potentially benefitting countries with ambitious renewable energy goals and regulatory support for clean technology. The success of this venture may prompt traditional energy companies to explore partnerships or investments in digital energy platforms to sustain competitiveness.

Did You Know?

  • Trading-as-a-service (TaaS): A business model where a company provides trading capabilities as a service to other businesses, enabling participation in various markets without the need to build their own infrastructure.
  • Zouk Capital: A growth infrastructure capital firm with a focus on renewable energy, sustainable infrastructure, and impact investing.
  • Short-term energy markets: Platforms where energy supply and demand are balanced in the immediate future, crucial for managing real-time fluctuations in energy supply and demand.

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