Epic Games Clashes with Apple over Epic Games Store on iOS

Epic Games Clashes with Apple over Epic Games Store on iOS

Michaela Rossi
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Epic Games Clash with Apple Over iOS App Store Rejection

Epic Games' proposal for an iOS version of the Epic Games Store has been rejected by Apple, sparking a clash between the two tech giants. The rejection, citing similarities in app store design, has led to Epic lodging complaints with the European Commission, alleging a violation of the Digital Markets Act (DMA).

Key Takeaways

  • Apple rejects Epic Games' proposal, citing design similarities.
  • Epic claims Apple's rejection violates the Digital Markets Act.
  • The proposed Epic Games Store aims to offer EU users an alternative to Apple's App Store.
  • Apple's rejection is based on perceived similarities in button designs and labels such as "Install" and "In-app purchases."
  • Despite setbacks, Epic is determined to launch its Games Store on iOS in the EU.


The clash between Epic Games and Apple highlights the emerging tensions between tech giants and potential competitors. Apple's rejection, citing design mimicry, may risk violating the EU's Digital Markets Act, which mandates alternative app stores. This move could potentially enhance competition in the EU tech market and reduce app costs. Moreover, in the short term, Apple could face regulatory scrutiny and potential fines, while in the long term, it may have to adapt to legislative demands and alter its app distribution model. Epic's persistence could also inspire other developers to challenge Apple's dominance, reshaping the app market landscape.

Did You Know?

  • Digital Markets Act (DMA): This regulation in the European Union aims to promote competition in the digital sector by imposing specific obligations on large online platforms deemed to have "gatekeeper" status. It requires these platforms to allow interoperability and give businesses and consumers more choices, such as enabling alternative app stores on devices like iPhones and iPads in the EU.
  • Epic Games Store: An online marketplace for video games, developed by Epic Games, offering developers a higher revenue share compared to traditional platforms. The proposed iOS version would allow EU users to download games directly from Epic without using Apple's App Store, challenging Apple's control.
  • Apple's App Store Dominance: Apple's App Store is the sole authorized marketplace for downloading apps onto iOS devices like iPhones and iPads. This dominance gives Apple significant control over the iOS app ecosystem, fueling the ongoing debate about platform control and market competition.

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