Expedia Unveils AI Assistant Romie for Enhanced Travel Experience

Expedia Unveils AI Assistant Romie for Enhanced Travel Experience

Lina Kovačić
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Expedia to Introduce AI Assistant "Romie" for Enhanced Travel Experience

Expedia, the renowned online travel agency, is gearing up to launch its AI assistant named Romie. This innovative assistant aims to revolutionize travel planning by offering advanced features including search, itinerary building, and real-time updates, all accessible through iMessage and WhatsApp. Romie, developed through a combination of in-house expertise and OpenAI models, empowers users with the ability to search for hotels and craft itineraries via popular messaging platforms.

Furthermore, Expedia is unveiling a cutting-edge smart search feature on its platform, enabling users to express their specific hotel preferences using natural language. Leveraging a diverse array of data sources such as AccuWeather and Yelp, Expedia aims to provide tailored search results and real-time updates, thereby enriching user experience.

This strategic move by Expedia marks a significant escalation in the ongoing competition within the online travel industry, directly impacting key players like Booking.com and Airbnb, who have already embraced AI-powered functionalities. Moreover, the emergence of startups like Mindtrip, Pilot, and Layla, which heavily rely on AI for travel planning and recommendation, are set to experience noteworthy implications from Romie's introduction.

Rathi Murthy, Expedia's Chief Technology Officer, expressed strong confidence in their innovative solution, underscoring Romie's exceptional versatility as a travel agent, personal assistant, and concierge across multiple communication channels.

Key Takeaways

  • Expedia is set to launch Romie, an AI assistant, elevating travel experiences through advanced search, itinerary building, and real-time updates accessible via iMessage and WhatsApp.
  • The introduction of a smart search feature on Expedia's platform allows users to describe desired hotel features using natural language.
  • Expedia's integration of data from various sources like AccuWeather and Yelp aims to deliver customized search results and real-time updates.
  • Major competitors such as Booking.com and Airbnb, as well as startups like Mindtrip, Pilot, and Layla, will experience the impact of Expedia's AI integration.
  • Expedia's CTO, Rathi Murthy, emphasizes the unique capabilities of Romie as a versatile travel agent, personal assistant, and concierge across diverse communication channels.


The rollout of Expedia's AI assistant, Romie, is positioned to intensify competition within the online travel industry, inevitably affecting established competitors and emerging startups reliant on AI technology. However, while this advancement promises enhanced user engagement and satisfaction through tailored services, it also raises pertinent concerns regarding data privacy and protection.

In the short term, a notable shift towards AI-based travel services is anticipated, ushering increased market pressure for innovation. Looking further ahead, the industry may witness a consolidation of AI-powered online travel agencies, potentially leading to challenges for smaller players striving to contend with the technological capabilities of established brands.

Did You Know?

  • AI Assistant "Romie": An artificial intelligence-driven digital assistant proficient in executing travel-related commands such as search, itinerary building, and real-time updates.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP): A transformative technology enabling machines to understand and process human language naturally, as demonstrated by Expedia's smart search feature.
  • Booking.com, Airbnb, and Kayak: Prominent rivals in the online travel agency market, introducing AI-powered features for enhanced travel planning and recommendation.

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