FBI Warns Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Owners of Russian State Hacker Threat

FBI Warns Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Owners of Russian State Hacker Threat

Yuri Petrov
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FBI Warns of Russian State Hackers Exploiting Ubiquiti EdgeRouters

The FBI has issued a warning to owners of Ubiquiti EdgeRouters to be wary of potential hacking and malicious activities conducted by Russian state hackers. These hackers have been utilizing the routers as a camouflage for their nefarious campaigns, using them to host malware and gain concealed access to a Linux-based operating system. The FBI, along with partners from 10 other countries, has advised affected users to perform a series of actions, including hardware factory reset, firmware upgrade, and password changes. These precautions aim to disrupt the hackers' operations and safeguard the affected devices.

Key Takeaways

  • Russian state hackers have been exploiting Ubiquiti EdgeRouters to conceal their malicious activities.
  • The routers, commonly found in homes and small offices, have been utilized to host malware that facilitates unchecked access for the hackers.
  • Users of Ubiquiti EdgeRouters are urged to check their devices for signs of being compromised by the hackers and take remedial actions.


The implications of the FBI's warning regarding Russian state hackers' use of Ubiquiti EdgeRouters for malicious activities are far-reaching. It brings to light the potential risks faced by organizations and individuals using these routers, encompassing data loss, network disruptions, and compromised device security. Furthermore, the long-term impact could extend to the erosion of trust in router manufacturers and heightened global collaboration among cybersecurity firms and law enforcement agencies to combat such threats effectively.

To mitigate the risks, users are advised to promptly implement the FBI's recommended measures, including hardware reset, firmware update, and enhanced security measures.

Did You Know?

  • Ubiquiti EdgeRouters: These routers, manufactured by Ubiquiti Networks, are commonly utilized in homes and small offices to facilitate internet connectivity. Operating on a Linux-based system, they can unwittingly host malware, providing hackers with unrestricted access.

  • Moobot botnet malware: Russian state hackers employ this malware to gain control of devices such as Ubiquiti EdgeRouters, allowing them to conduct malicious activities through custom scripts.

  • Firewall rules: These security measures help obstruct external access to remote management services, effectively thwarting potential hacker intrusions.

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