Fhenix Secures $15 Million to Advance Blockchain Confidentiality

Fhenix Secures $15 Million to Advance Blockchain Confidentiality

Antonio Delgado
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Fhenix Secures $15 Million to Advance Blockchain Confidentiality

Fhenix, a prominent layer-2 blockchain developer, has successfully raised $15 million in funding led by Hack VC. The investment aims to bolster the company's homomorphic encryption technology, which is poised to enhance data confidentiality within blockchain applications. This cutting-edge encryption method enables computations on encrypted data without the need for decryption, thereby paving the way for secure applications such as confidential voting and DeFi. According to CEO Guy Itzhaki, the innovative FHE technology plays a pivotal role in facilitating Ethereum's mainstream adoption, surpassing existing zero-knowledge solutions in handling encrypted data. Furthermore, Fhenix has joined forces with EigenLayer to spearhead the development of FHE Coprocessors, envisioned to delegate sensitive computational tasks, thereby elevating security and efficiency within the blockchain sphere. Notably, the company welcomes developers to explore and test its technology on the open testnet while also extending the opportunity to apply for grants.

Key Takeaways

  • Fhenix secures $15 million in funding led by Hack VC to enhance blockchain confidentiality.
  • The company focuses on developing homomorphic encryption for secure data processing.
  • Fhenix's technology allows encrypted data computation without decryption, ideal for smart contracts.
  • Partnership with EigenLayer aims to develop FHE Coprocessors for handling sensitive data.
  • Developers are encouraged to test smart contracts on Fhenix's open testnet and apply for grants.


The substantial $15 million investment secured by Fhenix underscores the rapidly increasing demand for bolstered blockchain security measures. By advancing homomorphic encryption (FHE), Fhenix effectively addresses a critical gap in data confidentiality, with particular relevance to Ethereum's mainstream adoption. This revolutionary technology, which facilitates computations on encrypted data, has the potential to transform sectors such as DeFi and voting systems. The collaboration with EigenLayer to create FHE Coprocessors further fortifies security and efficiency in managing sensitive computations. In the short term, this accelerates the development and adoption of secure blockchain applications, while in the long term, it positions Fhenix as a front runner in cryptographic innovation, potentially reshaping the landscape of secure data processing within blockchain technology.

Did You Know?

  • Homomorphic Encryption (HE): This encryption variant enables computations to be conducted on ciphertext, generating an encrypted result which, upon decryption, matches the outcome of operations performed on the plaintext. It stands as a groundbreaking technology, enabling data processing without the need for decryption, thus enhancing privacy and security in applications such as blockchain.
  • EigenLayer: A platform specializing in the development of advanced cryptographic solutions, particularly within the blockchain domain. Through its collaboration with Fhenix, EigenLayer contributes to the creation of FHE Coprocessors, designed to securely and efficiently handle sensitive computational tasks within the blockchain environment.
  • FHE Coprocessors: These specialized hardware or software components efficiently execute computations on encrypted data using Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE). By delegating sensitive computational tasks to these coprocessors, the security and efficiency of data processing within blockchain applications are significantly heightened.

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