Freepik Acquires Magnific AI: Accelerating Growth

Freepik Acquires Magnific AI: Accelerating Growth

Yara Vasquez
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AI-Powered Image Upscaling Startup, Magnific AI, Acquired by Freepik

In a recent development, Spanish startup Magnific AI, which specializes in AI-powered image upscaling, has been acquired by graphics platform Freepik. Despite being only five months old, Magnific AI has already attracted 725,000 registered users without any advertising expenditure. The company's success can be attributed to its unique approach, with about half of its code leveraging GPT-4. The founders foresee a transition towards AI startup models, possibly leading to the emergence of 'one-person unicorns' in the future. With Freepik's extensive resources, including 600 employees and 700,000 subscribers, Magnific AI is set to turbocharge its growth. To commemorate this acquisition, Magnific is offering $1 million in GPU resource vouchers to its customers.

Key Takeaways

  • Spanish startup Magnific AI, known for its AI-powered image upscaling, acquired by graphics platform Freepik just five months after its launch
  • Magnific AI attained 725,000 registered users without investing in advertising
  • Approximately half of Magnific's code was developed using GPT-4, paving the way for an AI startup model that could lead to future "one-person unicorns"
  • With Freepik's resources, Magnific aims to expedite its growth trajectory while retaining its original founders
  • Magnific is granting $1 million in GPU resource vouchers and discounts as a celebratory gesture for the acquisition


Freepik's acquisition of Magnific AI indicates a burgeoning interest in AI-powered image upscaling technology. This deal may stimulate more investments in AI startups, potentially giving rise to a surge in "one-person unicorns." Both entities stand to gain from expanded resources and user base. Spain's tech landscape is likely to witness increased investments, bolstering its standing as a tech hub. Simultaneously, the 725,000 Magnific AI users will benefit from this acquisition. However, traditional advertising-centric business models could encounter further disruptions as AI-driven methodologies continue to gain prominence. The broader tech industry should anticipate a shift in startup dynamics, with GPT-4 assuming a pivotal role in future innovations.

Did You Know?

  • AI-powered image upscaling service: This technology employs artificial intelligence to enhance image resolution and quality without sacrificing detail. It is particularly beneficial for improving low-resolution images or enlarging small images for various applications such as printing, digital display, or editing.
  • GPT-4: The fourth iteration of the Generative Pretrained Transformer, developed by OpenAI, GPT-4 is designed to generate human-like text based on its input, rendering it invaluable for natural language processing tasks. In the context of Magnific AI, GPT-4 was instrumental in creating approximately 50% of the startup's code, showcasing its potential in enabling AI-focused startup models.
  • One-person unicorns: This hypothetical concept describes a successful startup founded and operated by a single individual. With the assistance of advanced AI technologies like GPT-4, a solo founder could conceivably build a highly successful company without requiring a large team. This notion underscores the transformative potential of AI in the startup sphere.

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