Fundcraft Raises €5M to Modernize Fund Administration Market

Fundcraft Raises €5M to Modernize Fund Administration Market

Larissa Silva
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Fundcraft Raises €5 Million in Series A Funding to Innovate Fund Administration Market

Fundcraft, a provider of digital infrastructure for asset management, has secured €5 million in Series A funding. The company is set to revolutionize the $50 billion annual fund administration market, which is currently burdened by inefficiencies and manual processes. Fundcraft's platform aims to centralize and automate processes, data, and stakeholder interaction, ultimately resulting in reduced costs, enhanced agility, and minimized risks.

The company, established in 2021, already serves 22 asset management clients and oversees over €6 billion in commitments. With the additional funding, Fundcraft plans to extend its product offerings and market reach, with a focus on expanding into new markets and diversifying into additional asset classes.

Key Takeaways

  • Fundcraft raises €5 million Series A to automate and centralize fund administration
  • Fund administration is a $50 billion annual market in alternative asset management with inefficient manual processes
  • Fundcraft's platform streamlines workflows, reduces costs, increases agility, and mitigates risks
  • Currently managing over 135 funds worth €6 billion for clients like Moonfare, Stableton, and Tenity
  • Future plans include expanding to Spain and Germany, and addressing additional asset classes


The success of Fundcraft's €5 million Series A funding underscores the increasing recognition of the necessity to modernize the $50 billion fund administration market, which is currently characterized by manual processes and inefficiencies. The introduction of automation and centralization through Fundcraft's platform is anticipated to drive down costs, bolster agility, and mitigate risks for asset management firms such as Moonfare, Stableton, and Tenity, which it presently serves. This development has the potential to disrupt traditional administration services and compel them to innovate. As Fundcraft extends into Spain and Germany, targeting a broader array of asset classes, expect significant implications for these markets, possibly triggering responses from local competitors. Furthermore, this investment showcases the vitality of the European venture capital landscape and underlines a thriving tech and fintech scene.

Did You Know?

  • Fund Administration Market: A segment of the alternative asset management industry responsible for the administrative tasks of funds, including accounting, reporting, and regulatory compliance. Despite its $50 billion annual size, the market is often characterized by manual processes and inefficiencies, resulting in higher costs and risks.
  • Fundcraft's Platform: An advanced digital infrastructure solution that centralizes and automates fund administration processes, data, and stakeholder interactions. By streamlining workflows, Fundcraft's platform reduces costs, increases agility, and mitigates risks for asset management firms. It currently manages over 135 funds worth €6 billion for esteemed clients such as Moonfare, Stableton, and Tenity.
  • Series A Funding: The initial significant round of venture capital financing for a startup, usually following a seed round. Fundcraft has successfully secured €5 million in Series A funding, which it intends to utilize for broadening its product and market reach, targeting novel markets (including Spain and Germany) and additional asset classes.

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