GetWhy Secures $34.5M in Series A Funding for AI Market Analysis

GetWhy Secures $34.5M in Series A Funding for AI Market Analysis

Luisa Fernandez
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GetWhy Secures $34.5 Million in Series A Funding for AI-driven Market Research

GetWhy, a Danish tech company that recently rebranded from UserTribe, has announced the successful acquisition of $34.5 million in Series A funding, with PeakSpan Capital leading the investment. The company's focal point is its AI platform called Bloom, which processes consumer video responses to deliver rapid qualitative insights. Nestlé, McDonald’s, Nike, and L’Oréal are among the notable businesses benefiting from GetWhy's innovative technology. What makes this particularly compelling is the company's ability to complete comprehensive analysis within just 24 hours, a task that would traditionally take weeks for researchers.

Key Takeaways

  • GetWhy secures a significant investment of $34.5 million in Series A funding, spearheaded by PeakSpan Capital.
  • The company leverages AI to analyze video interviews, revolutionizing the approach to market research insights.
  • With its Bloom platform, GetWhy efficiently processes qualitative data in under 24 hours, catering to the demands of businesses like Nestlé, McDonald’s, Nike, and L’Oréal.
  • GetWhy transitioned from its consultancy roots to a technology-driven company, focusing on AI solutions, propelling it to the forefront of innovation.


The substantial funding secured by GetWhy underlines the escalating demand for AI-driven market research, fueled by the necessity for swift and high-quality insights. This investment positions GetWhy to further develop and expand its AI platform, Bloom, potentially disrupting conventional research methodologies. Immediate implications include accelerated growth for GetWhy and enhanced capabilities for its high-profile clientele, such as Nestlé and Nike. In the long run, this could lead to a profound shift in how businesses conduct market research, with AI-powered insights becoming the standard. Competitors may need to innovate or face the risk of becoming obsolete. Investors in AI-driven research solutions could witness amplified returns as the market embraces this technological advancement.

Did You Know?

  • Series A Funding: As the initial financing round received by a startup from investors following seed capital, Series A funding typically materializes once the company achieves specific milestones or demonstrates the market viability of its product. This influx of funds is then utilized to advance product development, expand the team, and scale operations.
  • PeakSpan Capital: A growth-stage investment firm specializing in the software sector, PeakSpan Capital collaborates with entrepreneurial teams who are spearheading meaningful businesses in significant markets. The firm's approach revolves around in-depth domain expertise and a proprietary framework for evaluating potential growth and value creation.
  • AI-driven Market Research: Leveraging artificial intelligence technologies to analyze and interpret market data more efficiently and accurately than traditional methods, AI-driven market research encompasses sentiment analysis, predictive modeling, and automated data collection. These capabilities augment the speed and depth of insights derived from consumer behavior and market trends.

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