GoJoe Raises £2.4M to Revolutionize Employee Well-being

GoJoe Raises £2.4M to Revolutionize Employee Well-being

Nikola Ivanovitch
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GoJoe Raises £2.4 Million to Revolutionize Employee Health and Fitness

GoJoe, a global health and fitness app for employees, has successfully secured £2.4 million in funding. The app, which is active in over 150 countries, employs gamification and social accountability techniques to enhance users' physical, mental, and social well-being. It introduces team-based challenges, a point-scoring system for various activities, and virtual training sessions featuring renowned celebrities and athletes. GoJoe's primary objective is to address and alleviate well-being challenges and escalating costs in global companies.

The app has demonstrated remarkable health improvements, with corporate clients reporting a noteworthy 61% increase in overall well-being among users. Particularly, sedentary users observed a surge of up to 800% in their activity levels. GoJoe is now in collaboration with health insurers and Human Capital Management systems to quantify its impact on reducing claims and absences.

Key Takeaways

  • GoJoe raises £2.4 million to enhance employee health and fitness.
  • The app uses gamification and social accountability across 150 countries.
  • Features include virtual team challenges and training with celebrities.
  • Investment led by Venrex and Redrice, supported by various firms and athletes.
  • GoJoe aims to quantify health improvements and reduce insurance costs.


The funding obtained by GoJoe further fortifies its global expansion, leaving a significant impact on investors like Venrex and Redrice, as well as users in over 150 countries. The core motivation behind this is the resolution of workplace health challenges, which is indirectly fuelled by the surge in healthcare costs. In the short-term, enhanced app features, and increased user engagement are anticipated. In the long-term, GoJoe has the potential to reshape corporate health programs, potentially resulting in decreased insurance claims and heightened productivity. The collaboration with health insurers and Human Capital Management systems aims to evaluate these benefits, subsequently influencing future investment trends in employee wellness technology.

Did You Know?

  • Gamification:
    • Explanation: Gamification involves implementing typical elements of game playing, such as point scoring, competition with others, and defined rules of play, in other areas of activity. It is commonly utilized as an online marketing technique to stimulate engagement with a product or service. In the context of GoJoe, gamification is utilized to motivate employees to participate in physical activities by transforming fitness into an interactive experience through challenges and rewards.
  • Social Accountability:
    • Explanation: Social accountability is a strategy aimed at making service providers and product manufacturers more responsive to public concerns, particularly those of the economically disadvantaged. In GoJoe, features promoting social accountability encourage users to be accountable to their peers or teams through collaborative challenges and shared objectives, thereby heightening motivation and commitment to health and fitness.
  • Human Capital Management Systems:
    • Explanation: Human Capital Management (HCM) systems encompass comprehensive software platforms designed to assist organizations in managing and optimizing the employment lifecycle, ranging from recruitment to retirement. These systems incorporate various HR functions, including payroll, benefits administration, and performance management. GoJoe's partnership with HCM systems seeks to integrate health and fitness data into HR processes, potentially enhancing employee well-being metrics and reducing healthcare expenditures.

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