Google Dodges Jury Trial in Antitrust Case with $2.3M Payment

Google Dodges Jury Trial in Antitrust Case with $2.3M Payment

Alejandro Ramirez
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Google Dodges Jury Trial in Antitrust Case with Unusual Move

Google has managed to avoid a jury trial in an antitrust case by submitting a $2.3 million payment to the US Department of Justice. This payment resulted in a bench trial decision by Judge Leonie Brinkema, who deemed the amount sufficient to cover potential damages, thus eliminating the need for a jury. The tech giant's proactive approach in settling the case is atypical, considering that antitrust disputes usually do not involve jury trials. The original lawsuit, filed by the US and eight states, has now expanded to include 17 states, alleging Google's monopolistic control of the ad tech industry through acquisitions and dominance. Despite the payment, Google maintains its denial of liability and anticipates addressing the remaining claims in court.

Key Takeaways

  • Google sidesteps a jury trial by submitting a $2.3 million payment to the US Department of Justice.
  • Judge Leonie Brinkema deems the payment adequate, leading to the elimination of the jury requirement.
  • The antitrust case transitions to a bench trial, scheduled to commence in September, following the payment.
  • Initially seeking higher damages, the US government's acceptance of Google's offer is pivotal.
  • The lawsuit also advocates for the dismantling of Google's ad manager suite due to alleged monopolization.


Google's strategic payment of $2.3 million to the US Department of Justice has averted a jury trial in its antitrust case, leading to a shift in proceedings to a bench trial. This maneuver, relatively uncommon in antitrust litigation, likely aims to streamline the legal process and potentially reduce public scrutiny. The immediate consequence is an expedited trial timeline, commencing in September, which may result in a swifter resolution or penalties. Over the long term, the case's outcome could influence antitrust enforcement and tech industry acquisitions, potentially impacting Google's market dominance and prompting regulatory adjustments in the ad tech sector. The broader tech industry and investors will closely monitor the trial's effects on market competition and corporate legal strategies.

Did You Know?

  • Antitrust Cases: Legal proceedings aimed at preventing or correcting monopolies and practices that limit competition. In the US, these are typically enforced by the Department of Justice or the Federal Trade Commission.
  • Bench Trial: A trial conducted before a judge without a jury, where the judge makes the final decision on both facts and law. This differs from a jury trial, where a jury determines the facts and the judge interprets the law.
  • Ad Tech Industry: Refers to the technology sector that focuses on automating the buying, selling, and management of online advertising. This encompasses technologies like ad exchanges, ad networks, and ad servers, which are vital for the operation of digital advertising.

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