Google's Alphabet Licenses Agriculture Tech to Driscoll's

Google's Alphabet Licenses Agriculture Tech to Driscoll's

Elara Vega
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Alphabet Licenses Agriculture Technology to Driscoll’s, Marking Shift in Strategy

Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google, has made a notable move in the agricultural sector by licensing technology from its startup, Mineral, to Driscoll’s Inc., a leading producer of berries. This strategic decision comes amidst Alphabet’s phase-out of Mineral's operations, signifying a pivotal shift in the management of its startup portfolio.

Key Takeaways

  • Alphabet licenses innovative technology from its startup, Mineral, to Driscoll’s Inc., shaping the landscape of agricultural advancements.
  • The winding down of operations at Mineral, an Alphabet moonshot creation, reflects significant changes in the company's strategic direction.
  • Alphabet’s X lab, the birthplace of groundbreaking projects like Google Glass and Google Brain, has been instrumental in fostering innovative technological solutions such as Mineral.
  • Mineral’s impact as a prominent agriculture tech company is further highlighted by this pivotal technology transfer to Driscoll’s.
  • This strategic deal marks a crucial milestone in Alphabet’s approach to managing and leveraging its startup endeavors.


Alphabet’s decision to license Mineral’s technology to Driscoll’s serves as a strategic maneuver aiming to maximize the impact of agricultural innovations while transitioning away from the startup. This move not only reshapes Alphabet’s startup portfolio but also holds the potential to enhance operational efficiency and productivity within Driscoll’s, particularly in the realm of berry production. The underlying reasons behind this shift encompass Alphabet’s reconfiguration efforts, as well as broader market dynamics and the lifecycles of technological initiatives. In the short term, Driscoll’s stands to gain a competitive advantage, while in the long run, this collaboration could redefine standards in agri-tech, exerting an influential effect on global food production and sustainability practices.

Did You Know?

  • Mineral:
    • Formerly an agriculture technology startup under Alphabet Inc., Mineral was renowned for its groundbreaking solutions aimed at bolstering crop production and sustainability.
    • Operating within Alphabet’s X lab, which is synonymous with incubating high-risk, high-reward projects, Mineral epitomized the pursuit of resolving significant global challenges through pioneering concepts.
  • Driscoll’s Inc.:
    • Driscoll’s Inc. stands as a pivotal global player in the berry production domain, boasting expertise in cultivating strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries.
    • Famed for its dedication to proprietary breeding techniques and stringent quality control, the company consistently delivers superior berry varieties to consumers worldwide.
  • Alphabet’s X lab:
    • Formerly acknowledged as Google X, Alphabet’s X lab operates as a clandestine research and development establishment, recognized for initiating transformative projects such as Google Glass, Google Brain, and the now-licensed technology from Mineral.
    • Envisioned as a "moonshot factory," this facility is committed to propelling significant technological advancements by exploring seemingly unfeasible ideas and translating them into tangible solutions.

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