Google’s New AI Search Raises Alarm with Dangerous Scams

Magdalena Santoro
1 min read

Be cautious as Google's new AI search seems to have run into trouble, unearthing a troubling array of unsafe malware and fraudulent schemes. Despite high hopes for an innovative and more tailored search experience through AI, the initial update has taken an unexpected turn. This endeavor to 'supercharge search with generative AI' has stumbled upon scams, as a SEO consultant discovered dubious results, confirmed by Bleeping Computer. Unwanted redirects, fake giveaways, and tech support scams have surfaced, pushing dangerous Chrome extensions and other deceptive tactics. The use of generative AI poses a challenge as misleading content is presented in a friendly manner, catching users off guard. Moreover, the fraudulent redirects aim at personal information, adware, and unwanted subscriptions, with some links leading to malicious behavior. Google has acknowledged the issue and stated its commitment to combat spam, particularly within the Search Generative Experience (SGE). Despite being opt-in initially, SGE is expanding its reach and showing AI-powered overviews to a wider audience, posing concerns about potential exploitation. Nevertheless, this incident serves as a cautionary tale and underlines the importance of remaining vigilant despite the conversational language used by the AI. With the future of AI search looming, it is essential to enhance filters and defenses to address these challenges effectively.

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