HP Reportedly in Talks to Acquire AI Pin Maker Humane for Over $1 Billion

HP Reportedly in Talks to Acquire AI Pin Maker Humane for Over $1 Billion

Elena Ramos
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HP Reportedly in Talks to Acquire AI Pin Maker Humane for Over $1 Billion

Rumors have emerged suggesting that Humane, the company responsible for the AI Pin, is in discussions with HP regarding a potential acquisition, with the speculated price exceeding $1 billion. This development follows the lukewarm reception of the $699 wearable AI device, which has garnered criticism for failing to meet expectations and has raised concerns about a potential fire hazard associated with its charging case. The AI Pin's known overheating issues have prompted company executives to resort to using ice packs to sustain the device's functionality. Despite internal apprehensions about the product's preparedness, including the dismissal of a senior engineer who questioned its launch, Humane's leadership has chosen to emphasize a positive outlook in the face of criticism. By early April, Humane had only secured approximately 10,000 orders for the AI Pin, falling notably short of its 100,000-unit sales target for the year.

Key Takeaways

  • HP is potentially considering the acquisition of Humane's AI Pin for over $1 billion.
  • Humane's AI Pin has received negative feedback for falling short of expectations.
  • Concerns have been raised about a potential fire hazard associated with the AI Pin's charging case.
  • Humane executives resorted to using ice packs to manage the device's overheating issues.
  • Despite aiming to sell 100,000 units, Humane only received 10,000 orders.


The potential acquisition of Humane by HP, driven by the AI Pin's underperformance in the market and safety issues, could result in significant restructuring. HP's involvement may address the device's technical deficiencies and bolster its market viability. However, the substantial price and the initial product challenges could strain HP's resources and brand reputation. In the short term, this could lead to financial losses and a decline in consumer trust. In the long term, if HP successfully overhauls the AI Pin, it could establish itself as a leader in wearable AI technology, influencing future product development and market strategies in the tech industry.

Did You Know?

  • AI Pin: A wearable AI device developed by Humane, renowned for its innovative integration of artificial intelligence into a portable form. However, it has encountered significant issues such as overheating and a potential fire risk from its charging case, resulting in a poor market reception and reviews.
  • Humane: A technology company concentrating on the development of wearable AI devices, with the AI Pin being a notable product. Despite grappling with criticism and operational obstacles, the company has been involved in high-profile discussions, including potential acquisition talks with HP.
  • HP: A multinational information technology company recognized for its extensive range of hardware and software products. In this scenario, HP is speculated to be contemplating the acquisition of Humane, potentially seeking to integrate or leverage Humane's technology and market presence within its own portfolio.

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