Illegal Helicopter Stunt: Youtuber Directs Fireworks at Lamborghini

Illegal Helicopter Stunt: Youtuber Directs Fireworks at Lamborghini

Léa Dubois
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Youtuber Arrested for Directing Video of Fireworks Shot from Helicopter at Lamborghini

A California man, Suk Min Choi, faced legal repercussions for directing a video where fireworks were shot from a helicopter at a Lamborghini in flight. The video, titled "Destroying a Lamborghini with Fireworks," prominently features Choi launching the fireworks and acknowledging his role as the director. However, Choi neglected to secure the required filming permits for the stunt, which was filmed last year. Subsequently, he was arrested and charged with placing explosives on an aircraft. Choi appeared in court in Los Angeles, and his formal arraignment is scheduled in the coming weeks.

Key Takeaways

  • California man arrested for orchestrating a video involving fireworks discharged from a helicopter.
  • Video named "Destroying a Lamborghini with Fireworks" showcases fireworks targeted at a vehicle.
  • Suk Min Choi charged with placing an explosive on an aircraft without the necessary filming permits.
  • Choi openly acknowledged his responsibility in the video, expressing gratitude to a camera company for their support.
  • Arraignment anticipated shortly after Choi's recent appearance in U.S. District Court.


Suk Min Choi's arrest not only highlights the dangers associated with unregulated aerial activities but also raises concerns about the absence of permits and disregard for safety protocols. Consequently, this could result in tighter regulations pertaining to aerial filming and stunt permits, potentially impacting film production companies and aerial service providers. In the short term, Choi faces legal consequences, potentially setting a precedent for similar cases. In the long term, this incident may influence insurance premiums and safety requirements for aerial stunts, ultimately affecting the cost and feasibility of such productions. Furthermore, the camera company mentioned in the video may come under scrutiny for their involvement, impacting their public image and market position.

Did You Know?

  • Filming Permits: These are legal documents issued by local or national authorities that authorize filming in specific locations or under certain conditions. They are crucial for ensuring safety, managing public access, and preserving the integrity of the filming environment. Without proper permits, filmmakers can face legal repercussions, exemplified by the case of Suk Min Choi.
  • Placing an Explosive on an Aircraft: This charge typically involves the illegal placement of an explosive device on an aircraft, constituting a serious federal offense in many countries due to the potential for catastrophic harm to human life and property. In Choi's case, using fireworks from a helicopter for a video stunt violates aviation safety regulations.
  • U.S. District Court: These courts are the general trial courts of the federal court system in the United States. They handle both civil and criminal cases and are courts of law, equity, and admiralty. Each state has at least one federal judicial district, and Choi's case, involving federal charges, would be heard in one of these courts, specifically in Los Angeles.

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