Indian Government's Cloud Exposes Citizens' Personal Data: TechCrunch

Ananya Patel
1 min read

Indian Government's Cloud Spilled Citizens' Personal Data Online for Years

Key Takeaways:

  • TechCrunch recently disclosed that the Indian government's cloud storage inadvertently exposed citizens' personal data online for an extended period.
  • The exposed information included personally identifiable data such as Aadhaar numbers, financial records, and other sensitive details.
  • The exposed data could have been accessed by anyone with basic information access capabilities due to the cloud misconfiguration.


The inadvertent exposure of citizens' personal data reflects a glaring oversight in data security measures by the Indian government. This incident raises concerns about the government's ability to safeguard sensitive information, potentially eroding public trust in data privacy.

Do You Know?

  • Aadhaar Numbers: Unique 12-digit identification numbers issued to Indian residents, which serve as a crucial aspect in authenticating identity for various services and government subsidies.
  • Cloud Misconfiguration: Refers to the improper setup or management of cloud infrastructure, leading to security vulnerabilities and potential data breaches.
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