Infinite Reality Acquires UK-Based Landvault for $450M

Infinite Reality Acquires UK-Based Landvault for $450M

Elena Cruz
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Infinite Reality Acquires UK-Based Landvault for $450 Million

In a strategic move, Infinite Reality, a renowned player in AI and immersive technologies, has completed the acquisition of UK-based Landvault for a significant sum of $450 million. Landvault, previously known as Admix, transitioned from gaming to digital world development in 2022, marking a pivotal phase in its evolution. Notably, it has effectively facilitated the foray of over 200 clients into the realm of virtual worlds, including esteemed entities such as the Abu Dhabi government, Mastercard, L'Oreal, Red Bull, and Heineken. The company has successfully secured funding amounting to $40 million over the last three years.

The union between Infinite Reality and Landvault is poised to harness the strengths of the former and the specialized skills of the latter, with a focus on propelling the advancement of the 3D Internet, marking a transformative phase in immersive technology.

Key Takeaways

  • Infinite Reality solidifies its technological prowess by acquiring Landvault, thus fortifying its AI and immersive tech capabilities.
  • Landvault's shift from gaming to digital world development has facilitated the transition of numerous clients into virtual realms, with a noteworthy list of beneficiaries.
  • The integration of Landvault into Infinite Reality's structure positions it as the cornerstone of the latter's operations in the vibrant Middle East market.
  • Sam Huber, the visionary leader of Landvault, assumes crucial roles within Infinite Reality, aiming to steer the enterprise's global and regional endeavors.
  • The combined fundraising efforts of Infinite Reality and its recent acquisitions emphasize its dedication to ascending to a commanding position in immersive technology, totalling over $750 million since 2019, with a current acquisition value of $1 billion.


The acquisition of Landvault by Infinite Reality serves as a strategic leverage infusing robust AI and immersive tech competencies into both entities, profoundly influencing stakeholders and clients such as the Abu Dhabi government, Mastercard, and L'Oreal. This amalgamation precipitates an accelerated trajectory for 3D Internet development, underscored by Landvault's strategic shift from gaming and its extensive client base. The short-term aftermath involves an intensified regional focus facilitated by Sam Huber's leadership, while long-term ramifications forecast Infinite Reality's consolidation of its global dominance in the technology landscape. The financial markets associated with both organizations may witness fluctuations, yet the growth potential stemming from their combined trajectory is markedly substantial.

Did You Know?

  • Digital Twins: They are virtual replicas of real-world objects or systems, commonly adopted in domains like manufacturing, healthcare, and urban planning. These replicas emulate the behavior of the actual objects and are utilized for simulation, analysis, and monitoring to bolster efficiency and curtail expenses.
  • 3D Internet: It symbolizes the next phase of the web, enabling users to engage with three-dimensional environments and objects in a more immersive manner. This groundbreaking technology is poised to revolutionize the interactivity and realism of digital content consumption.
  • MENA Region: The Middle East and North Africa encompasses a vast expanse encompassing countries such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, and Morocco. This region is gaining prominence in the realms of technology and commerce due to its burgeoning economy, tech-savvy populace, and strategic geopolitical positioning.

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