Injective Launches inEVM on Layer-3 Network

Injective Launches inEVM on Layer-3 Network

Lena Zavala
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Injective Unveils inEVM Layer-3 Network with Arbitrum Orbit Toolkit Integration

Injective, a layer-1 blockchain company, has introduced its layer-3 network, inEVM, powered by Arbitrum's Orbit toolkit to enhance connectivity between Ethereum, Cosmos, and Solana networks. This integration enables developers to create customizable chains and introduces a burning mechanism for protocol fees, thereby contributing to Injective's sustainable ecosystem. The collaboration with Arbitrum's Orbit toolkit also supports the development of scalable, secure, and efficient layer-2 solutions.

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Key Takeaways

  • Injective has launched the inEVM Layer-3 network using Arbitrum’s Orbit toolkit to improve connectivity across Ethereum, Cosmos, and Solana networks.
  • The inEVM network allows developers to create customizable chains compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, strengthening Injective’s ecosystem and introducing a burning mechanism for protocol fees.
  • The integration of Arbitrum’s Orbit toolkit facilitates the creation of scalable, secure, and efficient layer-2 solutions, emphasizing interoperability and advancing blockchain functionality.


The release of Injective's layer-3 network, inEVM, utilizing Arbitrum's Orbit toolkit, enhances interoperability across Ethereum, Cosmos, and Solana. This development encourages the creation of customizable chains, promoting cross-chain assets and liquidity. The introduction of the burning mechanism for protocol fees fosters a sustainable ecosystem, while Arbitrum's role in enabling scalable and secure layer-2 solutions is vital.

Financial institutions and businesses in the blockchain sector stand to benefit from improved connectivity and customization options. However, this advancement may disrupt competitors unable to offer similar services. In the short term, increased blockchain adoption and decentralized finance growth are anticipated. Long-term implications include a more interconnected blockchain ecosystem and potentially reduced dominance of individual layer-1 networks.

Did You Know?

  • Layer-3 network: In the context of blockchain technology, a layer-3 network is a decentralized system built on top of a layer-1 blockchain, offering enhanced scalability, customization, and interoperability features not available in layer-1 blockchains. Injective's creation of a layer-3 network allows developers to build customizable chains, driving innovation and growth in the blockchain ecosystem.
  • Arbitrum's Orbit toolkit: This is a powerful set of tools for creating scalable, secure, and efficient layer-2 solutions. These solutions address the limitations of layer-1 blockchains such as high fees and low throughput by processing transactions off-chain and submitting the results to the layer-1 network. The Orbit toolkit integration enables projects like Injective to build more robust and versatile blockchain networks.
  • Burning mechanism for protocol fees: This process involves permanently removing a certain amount of tokens from circulation. In Injective's layer-3 network, protocol fees are burned, reducing the total token supply, which helps maintain a healthy and economically sustainable ecosystem by creating a natural demand for tokens and counteracting inflation. This initiative aims to establish a more stable and resilient blockchain network.

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