Insta360 Launches Flow Pro: Revolutionary iPhone Gimbal with Advanced Tracking

Insta360 Launches Flow Pro: Revolutionary iPhone Gimbal with Advanced Tracking

Elena Rossi
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Insta360 Unveils Flow Pro Gimbal for iPhone Users

Insta360 has introduced the Flow Pro, a cutting-edge phone gimbal tailored to optimize the filming experience for iPhone users. This innovative device is the first of its kind to integrate Apple's DockKit subject tracking feature, seamlessly operating through the iPhone's native camera app. Furthermore, the Flow Pro boasts AI-driven Deep Track 3.0 and animal detection tracking modes, conveniently accessible through Insta360's app, compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. It also showcases a 360-degree infinite pan tracking capability along with a newly integrated LED tracking ring light to indicate active tracking.

Retaining several features from its predecessor, the Flow Pro encompasses 3-axis stabilization, a compact foldable design, a magnetic phone clamp with NFC connectivity for swift setup, and an embedded selfie stick and tripod. Fueled by a 2,900mAh battery, it offers up to 10 hours of continuous performance and facilitates rapid video editing through Insta360's app. Priced at $149 / £139 / AU$229, the Flow Pro aims to revolutionize the filmmaking endeavor for iPhone aficionados by amalgamating advanced tracking functionalities with robust stabilization and versatile attributes.

Key Takeaways

  • Insta360 launches Flow Pro, the premier phone gimbal incorporating Apple's DockKit subject tracking feature.
  • Flow Pro integrates AI-powered Deep Track 3.0 and animal detection tracking modes.
  • Introduction of 360-degree infinite pan tracking and LED tracking ring light.
  • Sustains 3-axis stabilization, magnetic phone clamp, and built-in selfie-stick.
  • Available at an attractive price of $149 / £139 / AU$229, offering up to 10 hours of battery life.


Insta360's launch of the Flow Pro, integrating Apple's DockKit, not only positions Apple and Insta360 for substantial growth in the mobile filmmaking domain but also has the potential to invigorate Apple's ecosystem appeal and augment Insta360's market share. This bold move might exert pressure on competitors like DJI to foster innovation. In the short term, a surge in iPhone sales is anticipated, while in the long run, a broadened tech integration is expected to elevate user experience and intensify market competition. Consequently, financial instruments associated with these entities could experience volatility based on market reactions.

Did You Know?

  • DockKit Subject Tracking:
    • DockKit, pioneered by Apple, empowers third-party accessories to seamlessly integrate with iOS devices. In the context of the Flow Pro gimbal, DockKit subject tracking enables the gimbal to harness the iPhone's native camera app for subject tracking without necessitating the use of a separate app. This integration enriches the user experience by delivering seamless tracking capabilities directly within the familiar interface of the iPhone's camera.
  • AI-powered Deep Track 3.0:
    • Deep Track 3.0 represents an advanced tracking technology driven by artificial intelligence, employing machine learning algorithms to accurately identify and pursue subjects, even in intricate settings. Notably beneficial for mobile filmmaking, this feature enables users to sustain focus on their subjects without continual manual adjustments, resulting in smoother and professionally-crafted footage.
  • 360-degree Infinite Pan Tracking:
    • This functionality enables the gimbal to pivot continuously in a complete 360-degree circle devoid of any limitations or halts. Offering benefits for capturing dynamic shots, such as expansive landscape views or continuous action footage, infinite pan tracking provides filmmakers with enhanced flexibility and creative freedom, facilitating the effortless creation of visually captivating content.

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