Introducing Windrecorder: A New Open-Source Screen Recording App

Introducing Windrecorder: A New Open-Source Screen Recording App

Viktoriya Petrovich
2 min read

New Open-Source App 'Windrecorder' Offers Privacy-Focused Screen Activity Recording

A revolutionary open-source app, Windrecorder, inspired by the popular show "Black Mirror," has been introduced to assist users in locating lost files on their screens. This unique app records screen activity in 15-minute segments and then organizes the data for easy retrieval. Despite certain drawbacks, such as high memory usage and the lack of instant playback, the app operates exclusively on a local basis without encryption, prioritizing user privacy. Windrecorder is now available for download on GitHub.

Key Takeaways

  • Windrecorder functions as a personal memory search engine by capturing and indexing screen activity.
  • It utilizes FFmpeg to record in 15-minute segments and performs indexing using the OCR API.
  • The app enables users to exclude specific applications or screen regions and generates periodic screen time reports.
  • Recordings are not encrypted but are managed locally, without current AI or LLM support.
  • Windrecorder is accessible for download on GitHub.


The introduction of Windrecorder, a privacy-centric open-source app designed for recording and retrieving screen activity, has the potential to impact the data management and surveillance sectors. The proliferation of concerns regarding data privacy, coupled with the influence of "Black Mirror," may result in immediate effects such as increased local data storage. Long-term implications could encompass more stringent privacy regulations and competition from similar apps boasting advanced AI capabilities. Major entities like Dropbox and Google Drive may witness shifts in user behavior, and nations with rigorous data surveillance laws could encounter resistance. This innovation might also stimulate the development of new open-source initiatives that revolve around the management of privacy and data.

Did You Know?

Here are three essential concepts from the article that may be unfamiliar to certain business and tech professionals:

  • Open-Source App: An open-source app pertains to a software application with publicly accessible source code, which allows users to view, modify, and distribute the code. Typically, open-source software is developed and maintained by a community of developers, serving as a collaborative and transparent alternative to proprietary software.
  • FFmpeg: FFmpeg is a free and open-source software project that produces libraries and programs for managing multimedia data. Its primary functions include audio and video conversion, streaming, and playback. In the context of Windrecorder, FFmpeg is employed to capture the user's screen activity in 15-minute segments.
  • OCR API: Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a technology that empowers computers to identify and extract text from images or scanned documents. An OCR API (Application Programming Interface) comprises a set of tools and protocols that enable developers to integrate OCR functionality into their own applications. In the case of Windrecorder, an OCR API is utilized to index the recorded screen activity, facilitating easy searchability.

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