Istanbul to Host Largest Blockchain Expo in Europe: Blockchain Expo World between 4-7 July

Istanbul to Host Largest Blockchain Expo in Europe: Blockchain Expo World between 4-7 July

Elena Petrovich
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Istanbul to Host Largest Blockchain Expo in Europe, Africa, Gulf, and CIS Regions

Istanbul is all set to be the epicenter of the Blockchain Expo World Istanbul, taking place at the Istanbul Expo Center from July 4 to 7, 2024. This landmark event, supported by the Republic of Turkey, is poised to become the largest blockchain exhibition in Europe, Africa, the Gulf, and the CIS region, covering an expansive 12,107 square meters. Anticipating a massive turnout, the expo is expected to draw over 700 exhibiting companies and 100,000 visitors from more than 40 countries, offering an extensive program featuring hackathons, ideathons, and invaluable networking opportunities.

Key Takeaways

  • Istanbul will host the Blockchain Expo World from July 4-7, 2024, at the Istanbul Expo Center.
  • The event is the largest blockchain exhibition across Europe, Africa, Gulf, and the CIS region, spanning 12,107 square meters.
  • Over 700 companies and 100,000 visitors expected, with participation from more than 40 countries.
  • Supported by 150 sponsors, featuring 360 speakers, and engagement from 50 universities.
  • The expo offers hackathons, ideathons, trade areas, and networking opportunities for the blockchain and crypto ecosystem.


The upcoming Blockchain Expo World Istanbul is poised to have a profound impact on the global tech and finance sectors, asserting its influence as the largest blockchain event across multiple regions. Supported by a multitude of sponsors and universities, this gathering is primed to drive innovation and collaboration, potentially expediting blockchain adoption and regulatory convergence. In the short term, heightened investor interest and increased market activity are expected, while in the long term, industry standards and policy-making could undergo substantial transformation. The success of this event may position Turkey as a prominent blockchain hub, magnetizing further investment and talent.

Did You Know?

  • Blockchain Expo World: A globally recognized event series dedicated to showcasing the latest advancements, applications, and future trends in blockchain technology, attracting a diverse audience encompassing tech startups and established enterprises.
  • Hackathons: Time-bound collaborative events involving programmers, developers, and tech enthusiasts, with a primary aim of creating functional software products in a concentrated timeframe. In the context of blockchain, hackathons often focus on developing new blockchain applications, enhancing existing platforms, or exploring inventive uses of blockchain technology.
  • Ideathons: Similar to hackathons, with a focus on ideation and conceptualizing, engaging not only developers but also designers, entrepreneurs, and subject matter experts. The primary objective is to generate innovative ideas and solutions related to a specific theme, such as blockchain technology, fostering collaboration and creativity among participants.

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