Jon Stewart Reveals Apple's Interference with AI Show Featuring FTC Chair

Lorenzo De Luca
1 min read

On 'The Daily Show', Jon Stewart shared how Apple barred him from discussing AI with FTC Chair, Lina Khan, on his Apple TV show. There were concerns about Apple's sensitivity and reluctance to engage in public conversations about AI. Stewart criticized the impact of AI on jobs and expressed skepticism towards Big Tech's assurances of retraining. Additionally, he revealed that his show was cancelled due to his views on AI and China. In response to Apple’s monopoly power, Khan warned of the dangers of concentrating decision-making in a few companies. The conversation also delved into Big Tech's monopolies and their usage of algorithms. Stewart also criticized Apple and Microsoft for acquiring numerous AI startups. Meanwhile, Apple is expected to make a significant AI announcement at the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference and faces an antitrust lawsuit from the Department of Justice.

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