Loongson's 3C6000 Series: Breakthrough in China's Semiconductor Industry

Loongson's 3C6000 Series: Breakthrough in China's Semiconductor Industry

Xiao Wei
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Loongson Continues to Make Strides Despite US Trade Restrictions

Despite US trade restrictions, China's semiconductor industry is pushing forward with Loongson, a major player in the field, announcing the successful samples of its 3C6000 series server-grade processors, with expectations for release in Q4 2024. The 3C6000 chip, equipped with 16 cores and 32 threads, is set to enhance the performance-price ratio for server CPUs.

Loongson's advancements include a hexa-issue LA664 core, which reportedly doubles the general processing performance in comparison to its predecessor, the 3C5000. Furthermore, the chip supports DDR4-3200 RAM and PCIe 4.0, providing enhancements in memory and IO performance. In addition, the 3C6000 supports high-speed national encryption standards, with SM3 encryption bandwidth exceeding 20Gbps.

The 3D6000 and 3E6000 models make use of "Loongson Coherent Link" technology, allowing for cache coherent interconnects between multiple chips, similar to Nvidia's NVLink and AMD's Infinity Fabric. The 3D6000 combines two 3C6000 chips for a 32-core/64-thread setup, while the 3E6000 integrates four for 64 cores and 128 threads.

Key Takeaways

  • Loongson announces successful samples of 3C6000/3D6000/3E6000 series, set for Q4 2024 release.
  • 3C6000 chip features 16 cores, 32 threads, and hexa-issue LA664 core, doubling performance over 3C5000.
  • Loongson's 3D6000 and 3E6000 use Coherent Link tech for 32-core/64-thread and 64-core/128-thread processors.
  • Coherent Link tech supports dynamic allocation and is compatible with mainstream hardware ecosystems.
  • Despite US trade restrictions, Loongson narrows gap with EPYC and Xeon chips using domestic fabs and LoongArch ISA.


Loongson's advancements in server-grade processors, despite US trade restrictions, underscore China's resilience in semiconductor development. The enhanced performance and encryption capabilities of the 3C6000 series could potentially bolster domestic IT infrastructure and reduce reliance on foreign technology. This shift may prompt other nations to reconsider their tech export policies, thereby impacting global semiconductor trade dynamics. In the long term, Loongson's innovations could challenge Intel and AMD's market dominance, reshaping competitive landscapes and investment strategies in the tech sector.

Did You Know?

  • Loongson Coherent Link Technology:
    • Explanation: Developed by Loongson, this interconnect solution enables cache coherent interconnects between multiple chips, akin to Nvidia's NVLink and AMD's Infinity Fabric. It supports dynamic allocation and is compatible with mainstream hardware ecosystems, enhancing overall system performance and scalability.
  • LoongArch ISA:
    • Explanation: LoongArch ISA (Instruction Set Architecture) is a modern, efficient, and scalable architecture developed by Loongson to reduce dependency on foreign technologies and establish a competitive edge in the global semiconductor market.
  • 3C6000 Series Processors:
    • Explanation: These processors feature 16 cores and 32 threads, with a hexa-issue LA664 core, supporting high-speed national encryption standards and enhancing memory and IO performance.

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